World War Two


Notes on WW2 Artillery A discussion of ballistics, dispersion, fuzes, ammo, sheafs, targets, observation, national doctrine; and their effect on wargames.


Polish Breakout 9 Sep 1939 Polish units surrounded west of Warsaw attempt a massive breakout.
Florennes, Belgium 15 May 1940 7 Panzer pushes into the French rear and encounters the French 1st Armored Division.
Mechili, Libya 24 Jan 1941 The British 4th Armoured Brigade clashes with the Italians at a small desert outpost.
Dubyssa River, Lithuania late June 1941 In the early phases of Barbarossa, 6th and 1st Panzer meet the Soviet 2nd Tank Division near on the Dubyssa River near Raseiniai
Operation Goodwood 18 Jul 1944 British 11th Armoured Division attempts to hook southeast around Caen and runs into resistance from 21st Panzer and 1st SS Panzer (LAH).
The Mace 20 Aug 1944 The Polish 1st Armored Division attempts to stop up the Falaise Pocket before the Germans can escape.
Note: all of the historical scenarios are "historically plausible" rather than exact reinactments of historical battles. Good commanders tend to avoid even fights while gamers tend to love them.
Kelly's Heroes beer 'n' pretzels Each player plays one team and attempts to escape the table with the gold.


Lightning War Rules for WWII microarmor and infantry.
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