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Almost every land-based wargame of the 20th century includes artillery, and yet few games do a good job of simulating it. I believe this is because there are 100 books on tanks for every one book on artillery, and those few books on artillery spend most of their pages on pictures and statistics for all the guns the author could find, rather than discussing the use, effects, and differences in artillery doctrine.

For wargames with long time periods simulated each turn (such as Command Decision, which uses 15-minute turns), many of the factors we'll discuss do not have "direct" effect, as they happen on a time-granularity much finer than a game-turn.

But as the things that happen in that 15-minute turn are supposed to reflect the sum total of all the little events that happened during the turn, it is important to understand what's happening on a fine grain so you can simulate the larger results accurately.

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