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Project Magellan

Mankind's first manned interstellar mission was launched amid great fanfare. Twelve individuals of varying backgrounds were selected from 23,000 legitimate applicants, picked for skills, temperment, and teamwork. Two years of training of the team followed before launch, with one fatality during training.

Based on the lastest long-range imaging, spectroscopy, and analysis, Barnard's Star was picked as the target of the mission. Barnard's is a red M-class star 5.96 light years from Sol whose second planet is a small tidal-locked rocky world with a thin nitrogen atmosphere but otherwise livable conditions near its poles.

The Magellan starship was a product of the latest bleeding-edge technology. Antimatter drives allowed acceleration and deceleration at 15G, though the ship was limited to 20% of light speed to enable deflection of small objects in its path. At this speed, the trip was to take 29.8 years (in the Earth's reference frame, 29.2 to the astronauts). Of course, humans could not live at 15G's, so the heroic astronauts were some of the first subjects of ego-downloading to synthetic memory. When their ship landed, a nanotech fabrication machine would build new sythetic bodies for them and resleeve them in preparation for exploration.

The World of Magellan

At the time of Magellan's launch, the sciences of ego-uploading and nanotech assemblers were bleeding edge and had only been in trials for a short time. The technologies were first revealed to the mass public due to their part in the Magellan mission. Humans had already colonized the inner planets, the asteroid belt, and Saturn's Titan, with exploration beginning on Pluto and the Kuiper Belt. Personal AI aides (muses) were becoming more and more common, and augmented reality (AR) was seeing widespread use. The terraforming of Mars was proceeding well. Dolphins and Chimpanzees had been uplifted to sapience and were granted citizenship in most locales. Extreme genetic modification was becoming more common, marking the first transhumans. Cybernetic and basic genetic modification had been in use for decades.

Back on Earth, widespread environmental damage had led to starvation, violence, and wars. Efforts to correct past mistakes usually caused as many problems as they fixed. The three space elevators on Earth were increasingly used by the masses volunteering for duty off the mother planet. Those left on earth assauged their misery with the use of experience playback (XP).

Robotics have been in extensive use for many years, covering areas too dangerous or mundane to assign to humans. By Magellan's launch, they are so ubiquitous they are usually ignored as part of the scenery.

Magellan Characters