Planets, Systems, and Civilizations
Construction Space Yard FacilitySpace Yard Facility -- 2-4K construction, 100-200 repair [0]
Robotoid FactoryRobotoid Factory -- +10-30% construction [250K]
System Robotoid FactorySystem Robotiod Factory -- +5-15% construction in system [1.1M]
Population Reproduction Medical LabMedical Lab -- cures L1-5, +1-5% growth in system [30K]
Gestation VatsGestation Vats -- +1-5% growth in system [0]
Replicant CenterReplicant Center -- +2-10M per planet in system [2M]
Loyalty Civics AchievementCivics Achievement -- +1-10% in civilization [40K]
Happiness Recreation AchievementRecreation Achievement -- +1-5% in civilization [45K]
Urban Pacification CenterUrban Pacification Center -- +1-5% in system [60K]
Fate ShrineFate Shrine -- less bad events, sabotage, +1-5% happiness in system [0]
Genetic Recoding LabGenetic Recoding Lab -- cures L0-5, +1-5% happiness, +ground cbt in system [60K]
Temporal Vacation ServiceTemporal Vacation Service -- +1-5% happiness in system [0]
War Tolerance Sociology AchievementSociology Achievement -- +5-50% in civilization [75K]
Environmental AchievementEnvironmental Achievement -- +1-10% in civilization [100K]
Climate Control FacilityClimate Control Facility -- +3-5% per turn [110K]
Atmospheric Modification PlantAtmospheric Modification Plant -- changes atmosphere [760K]
Nature ShrineNature Shrine -- +1-5% value, +1-5% condition in system [80K]
Resources Procurement Mineral Miner FacilityMineral, Organics Farm FacilityFarm, Radioactives Extraction FacilityExtractor -- extract 2-4K from planet [0]
Robo - MinersRobo-Miners, Robo - FarmersRobo-Farmers Robo - ExtractorsRobo-Extr. -- 1000-1500 from uninhabited [60K]
Mineral ScannerMin. Scanner, Hybrid Eco-FarmsEco-Farms Radioactives ColliderCollider -- +10-50% production [600K]
System Mineral ScannerMin. Scanner, System Eco-FarmsEco-Farms System Radioactives ColliderCollider -- +10-50% production in system [2M]
Monolith FacilityMonolith Facility -- extracts 1-2K of all three resources [400K]
Ultra-RecyclerUltra-Recycler -- reclaim 40-80% when scrapping [330K]
Resource ConverterResource Converter -- convert with 30-50% loss in system [930K]
Solar GeneratorSolar Generator -- generates 1-2K per star [0]
Time ShrineTime Shrine -- +10-50% production in system [360K]
Planetary Value Value Improvement PlantValue Improvement Plant -- +1-5% value [130K]
Nature ShrineNature Shrine -- +1-5% value, +1-5% condition in system [80K]
Distribution Space PortSpace Port -- makes resources available to empire [0]
Storage Mineral Resource StorageMineral, Organic Resource StorageOrganic, Radioactive Resource StorageRadioactive -- store 50-100K resources [0]
Via Trade Diplomatic AchievementDiplomatic Achievement -- your trade increased 1-10% [115K]
Maintenance Economic AchievementEconomic Achievement -- reduces maintenance 2-20% in civilization [50K]
Crystalline Restructuring PlantCrystalline Restructuring Plant -- -3-15% maintenance in system [150K]
Crystalline hulls: -10%
Organic hulls: -10%
Supply &
Distribution Resupply DepotResupply Depot -- generate & distribute supply & ordnance in system [0]
Storage Cargo FacilityCargo Facility -- facility; stores cargo, supply, and ordnance [0]
Research Research CenterResearch Center -- generate 500-1000 research [0]
Central Computer ComplexCentral Computer Complex -- +10-50% research on planet [540K]
System Computer ComplexSystem Computer Complex -- +10-50% research in system [1.3M]
Education AchievementEducation Achievement -- +2-20% research in civilization [50K]
Intelligence Intelligence CenterIntelligence Center -- generate 500-1000 intel [0]
Citizen Databank ComplexCitizen Database Complex -- +10-50% intel on planet [540K]
System Citizen DatabankSystem Citizen Databank -- +10-50% intel in system [1.3M]
Ethics AchievementEthics Achievement -- +2-20% intel in civilization [50K]
There are "Intel Achievements" in Espionage and Sabotage and Cooperative Intel
Fate ShrineFate Shrine -- less bad events, sabotage, +1-5% happiness in system [0]
Shields Planetary Shield GeneratorPlanetary Shield Generator -- 5000-7500 str [260K]
Massive Planetary Shield GeneratorMassive Planetary Shield Generator -- 10000-15000 str (phased)
Planetary Gravitational Shield FacilityPlanetary Gravitional Shield -- stops planet-destroying bombs [660K]
System Gravitational Shield FacilitySystem Gravitational Shield -- stops terrain manipulation in system [1.1M]
Plague Defense Medical LabMedical Lab -- cures L1-5, +1-5% growth in system [30K]
Genetic Recoding LabGenetic Recoding Lab -- cures L0-5, +1-5% happiness, +ground cbt in system [60K]
Events --- Fate ShrineFate Shrine -- less bad events, sabotage, +1-5% happiness in system [0]
Scanning --- Psychic ScannerPsychic Scanner -- sense L10-20, r10-20, scan 10-20 [1.6M]
Ships Combat Bonuses --- War ShrineWar Shrine -- +5-15% attack in system [0]
Death ShrineDeath Shrine -- +5-15% damage in system [2.2M]
Energy Transmission LensEnergy Trans. Lens -- +50-100% shields in system [1.6M]
Events PredictorEvents Predictor -- +5-15% attack in system [420K]
Genetic Recoding LabGenetic Recoding Lab -- cures L0-5, +1-5% happiness, +ground cbt in system [60K]
Crew Experience Military Training AchievementMilitary Training Achievement -- +2-20% experience in civilization [320K]
Ship Training FacilityShip Training Facility -- +100-200 experience per turn in sector [270K]
Fleet Training FacilityFleet Training Facility -- +100-200 experience per turn in sector [270K]
Holy War TotemHoly War Totem -- +10-50% experience in combat in system [200K]
Psychic Ship Training FacilityPsychic Ship Training Facility -- +150-300 experience per turn in sector [0]
Psychic Fleet Training FacilityPsychic Fleet Training Facility -- +150-300 experience per turn in sector [0]

Ships and Bases
Hull Types Warships FrigateFrigate -- 250-300t, +30% def [0]
DestroyerDestroyer -- 350-400t, +20% def [100K]
Light CruiserLight Cruiser -- 450-500t, +10% def [230K]
CruiserCruiser -- 600-750t [390K]
BattleshipBattleship -- 800-1000t, -10% def [1M]
DreadnoughtDreadnought -- 1000-1350t, -20% def [1.7M]
BaseshipBaseship -- 1500-1800t, -25-50% def [3.1M]
Crystalline Frigate Organic Frigate
Crystalline Destroyer Organic Destroyer
Crystalline Light Cruiser Organic Light Cruiser
Crystalline Cruiser Organic Cruiser
Crystalline Battleship Organic Battleship
Crystalline Dreadnought Organic Dreadnought
Crystalline Baseship Organic Baseship
Carriers Light CarrierLight Carrier -- 650-800t, -10% def [40K]
CarrierCarrier -- 1000-1200t, -20% def [410K]
Heavy CarrierHeavy Carrier -- 1250-1400t, -30% def [1.5M]
Crystalline Light Carrier Organic Light Carrier
Crystalline Carrier Organic Carrier
Crystalline Heavy Carrier Organic Heavy Carrier
-50% maintenance
Space StationSpace Station -- 500-1000t, -5-30% def [0]
StarbaseStarbase -- 2000-3000t, -30-40% def [360K]
Crystalline Space Station Organic Space Station
Crystalline Starbase Organic Starbase
Colony Ships
-50% maintenance
Colony ShipColony Ship -- 400-450t [0]
Crystalline Colony Ship Organic Colony Ship
-25% maintenance
Small FreighterSmall Freighter -- 300-400t, -10% def [0]
Medium FreighterMedium Freighter -- 600-800t, -20% def [230K]
Large FreighterLarge Freighter -- 900-1200t, -30% def [1M]
Crystalline Small Freighter Organic Small Freighter
Crystalline Medium Freighter Organic Medium Freighter
Crystalline Large Freighter Organic Large Freighter
Satellites Small SatelliteSmall Satellite -- 80-100t, +30% def [0]
Medium SatelliteMedium Satellite -- 110-130t, +20% def [90K]
Large SatelliteLarge Satellite -- 140-160t, +10% def [270K]
Crystalline Small Satellite Organic Small Satellite
Crystalline Medium Satellite Organic Medium Satellite
Crystalline Large Satellite Organic Large Satellite
Weapon Platforms Small Weapon PlatformSmall -- 200-250t [0]
Medium Weapon PlatformMedium -- 400-500t [90K]
Large Weapon PlatformLarge -- 600-750t [270K]
Crystalline Small Weapon Platform Organic Small Weapon Platform
Crystalline Medium Weapon Platform Organic Medium Weapon Platform
Crystalline Large Weapon Platform Organic Large Weapon Platform
Weapons Direct-Fire,
no ord. needed
Meson BlasterMeson Blaster -- 22-42dps, R70-100 [150K] {1.1-2.1}
Anti-Proton BeamAnti-Proton Beam -- 30-50dps, R80-120, accurate [150K] {1.0-1.7}
Ripper BeamRipper Beam -- 35-55dps, R40-60 [320K] {1.8-2.8}
Incinerator BeamIncinerator Beam -- 62-81dps, R100-120 [600K] {1.2-1.6}
Wave-Motion GunWave-Motion Gun -- 120-145dps, R100-130 [1.4M] {1.7-2.0}
Phased-Polaron BeamPhased-Polaron Beam -- 20-36dps, R60-100, skips normal shields, accurate [320K] {0.7-1.2}
Shield DepleterShield Depleter -- 25-75dps, R60-90, shields only [255K] {1.3-3.8}
Massive Shield DepleterMassive Shield Depleter -- 90-112dps, R80-100, shields only [D1] {0.9-1.1}
Shield DisrupterShield Disrupter -- R30-50, shield gen. only [1.1M]
Ionic DisperserIonic Disperser -- R60-90, engines only [95K]
Massive Ionic DisperserMassive Ionic Disperser -- R90-110, engines only [D1]
Tachyon Projection CannonTachyon Projection Cannon -- R40-60, weapons only [435K]
Computer VirusComputer Virus -- R60-100, master computer only [450K]
Shield ImploderShield Imploder -- R40-60, reverses shields [D1]
Power Leech BeamPower Leech Beam -- R60-90, deletes supplies [D1]
High-Energy MagnifierHigh-Energy Magnifier -- 66-133dps, R80-120, -10% hit [1.6M] {1.1-2.2}
Crystalline SiphonCrystalline Siphon -- 12-37dps, R40-80, shields to power [420K] {0.2-0.7}
Plasma ChargePlasma Charge -- 20-40dps, R60-80 [420K] {0.7-1.3}
Electric DischargeElectric Discharge -- 10-25dps, R40-70, 2× to shields [0] {0.5-1.3}
Hyper-Plasma BoltHyper-Plasma Bolt -- 45-60dps, R80-100 [3.6M] {1.5-2.0}
Lightning RayLightning Ray -- 26-36dps, R70-90, 2× to shields [1.6M] {1.3-1.8}
Telekinetic ProjectorTelekinetic Projector -- 25-75dps, R50-90 [0] {0.7-1.9}
Mental Singularity GeneratorMental Singularity Generator -- 45-95dps, R100-150 [1.6M] {0.8-1.6}
Time Distortion BurstTime Distortion Burst -- 10-25dps, R60-120, 4× to shields [0] {0.5-1.3}
Temporal ShifterTemporal Shifter -- 8-16dps, R40-80, skips shields & armor [1.6M] {0.1-0.3}
Temporal Tachyon CannonTemporal Tachyon Cannon -- 50-87dps, R80-120 [420K] {1.0-1.7}
Shield AcceleratorShield Accelerator -- 50-100dps, R80-100, shields only [150K] {2.5-5.0}
Depleted Uranium CannonDepleted Uranium Cannon 15-45dps, R80-120 [0] {0.5-1.5}
Shard CannonShard Cannon -- 7-30dps, R80-140, skips armor [0] {0.2-1.0}
Acid GlobuleAcid Globule -- 12-37dps, R60-90 [0] {0.4-1.2}
Enveloping Acid GlobuleEnveloping Acid Globule -- 50-75dps, R100-120 [1.6M] {1.3-1.9}
Seeking Capital Ship MissileCapital Ship Missile -- 20-60dps, R150-200 [0] {0.4-1.2}
Anti-Matter TorpedoAnti-Matter Torpedo -- 20-45dps, R150-200 [260K] {0.5-1.1}
Quantum TorpedoQuantum Torpedo -- 47-60dps, R200-250 [910K] {1.2-1.5}
Gamma Pulse TorpedoGamma-Pulse Torpedo -- 25-37dps, R150-200, skips shields [1.5M] {0.8-1.2}
Graviton HellboreGraviton Hellbore -- 100-125dps, R150-200 [320K] {1.6-2.1}
Null-Space ProjectorNull-Space Projector -- 8-16dps, R100-150, skips shields & armor [330K] {0.2-0.3}
Toxic InjectorToxic Injector -- 10-26dps, R50-100, crew only [70K]
Plasma MissilePlasma Missile -- 60-90dps, R200-300 [150K] {1.2-1.8}
Ionic Pulse MissileIonic Pulse Missile -- 12-16dps, R90-140, engines only [495K] {0.3-0.4}
Crystalline TorpedoCrystalline Torpedo -- 9-37dps, R150-330, skips armor [0] {0.2-0.7}
Seeking ParasiteSeeking Parasite -- 18-90dps, R160-250 [0] {0.4-1.8}
Power LampreyPower Lamprey -- R150-200, deletes 1500-4000 supplies [1.6M]
Alloy Burner MissileAlloy Burner Missile -- R150-200, 2xArmor [0] {0.2-0.8}
Drones Drone LauncherDrone Launcher -- 10-18s launch time [180K]
Mines Mine LayerMine Layer -- 1-5s drop time [70K] Mine SweeperMine Sweeper -- sweep 6-10 per turn[70K]
Fighters Fighter BayFighter Bay -- 5-9s launch time [0]
(vs. Planets)
Planetary NapalmPlanetary Napalm -- 100-200dps [15K] Radiation BombRadiation Bomb -- -8-16 to planet conditions [15K] Neutron BombNeutron Bomb -- 8-16dps, population only [315K] Smart Bomb (SY)SpaceYard Smart Bomb (RD)Resupply Smart Bomb (SP)SpacePort smart bombs for specific facilities [315K] Plague BombPlague Bomb spread plague to a planet [90K] Tectonic BombTectonic Bomb -- destroys planet [2.4M]
Ramming Cobalt WarheadCobalt Warhead -- 300-600 damage [10K]
Anti-Weapons Weapon DisrupterWeapon Disrupter -- R40-50, disrupts reloads [135K]
Energy DampenerEnergy Dampener -- R60-80, disrupts reloads [600K]
Mental FlailerMental Flailer -- R50-70, increases reload times [420K]
Weapon Phase AcceleratorWeapon Phase Accelerator -- R40-80, increases reload times [420K]
Boarding Boarding PartiesBoarding Parties -- capture unshielded ships [110K] Allegiance SubverterAllegiance Subverter -- R20-50, crew converter [420K]
Combat Misc. Repulser BeamRepulser Beam -- R50-100, pushes target away [130K] Tractor BeamTractor Beam -- R80-120, pulls target closer [130K] Wormhole BeamWormhole Beam -- R50-100, displaces target [860K] Subspace Rupture BeamSubspace Rupture Beam -- R50-100 [1.3M] Hyperdense GlobuleHyperdense Globule -- R100-120, slows target [2M]
StupifierStupifier -- R50-70, temp. removes experience [60K]
Psychic WhiplashPsychic Whiplash -- R30-50, temp. control loss [270K]
Combat Sensors Combat SensorsCombat Sensors -- +5-75% accuracy [0] Vengeance TotemVengeance Totem -- +5-15% damage [800K]
Religious TalismanReligious Talisman -- +25-75% accuracy [2.2M]
Large Ship MountLarge -- +5-25% damage, +10r, +10% cost [20K] Heavy Ship MountHeavy -- +60-100% damage, +20r, +cost, supplies [110K] Massive Ship MountMassive -- +120-200% damage, +30r, +cost, supplies [290K]
Large Base MountLarge Heavy Base MountHeavy Massive Base MountMassive -- same effects
Weapons Platform
Large Weapons Platform MountLarge Heavy Weapons Platform MountHeavy Massive Weapon Platform MountMassive -- same effects [20,110,290K]
Large Satellite MountLarge -- +20-40% damage, +10r, +30% acc, +10% cost [20K]
Neural Combat NetNeural Combat Net -- share combat experience [D1]
Terrain Storms Beta Displacement PulserBeta Displacement Pulser -- removes storms [900K]
Ionic Concussion BlasterIonic Concussion Blaster -- increases storms [900K]
Warp Points Gravitational CondenserGravitation Condenser -- closes warp point [5.8M]
Gravitational Quantum ResonatorGravitational Quantum Resonator -- opens warp point [5.8M]
Asteroids Matter Gravity SphereMatter Gravity Sphere -- turn asteroids to planet [6.9M]
Nebulae Stellar Plasma SphereStellar Plasma Sphere -- turns nebula to star [12M]
Nebulae Graviton EmitterNebulae Graviton Emitter -- dissipate nebula [12M]
Stars Stellar Nucleonic TorpedoStellar Nucleonic Torpedo -- destroy star and planets [13M]
Nucleonic Thresher TorpedoNucleonic Thresher Torpedo -- destroy star and planets to form nebula [13M]
Quantum Graviton BeamQuantum Graviton Beam -- destroy a black hole [15M]
Inverted Quantum BeamInverted Quantum Beam -- collapses star and planets into black hole [17M]
New Worlds Ring World Placement GeneratorRing World Placement Generator -- allows building of a ring world [19M]
Planetary Gravity PlatingPlanetary Gravity Plating -- needed for artificial worlds [19M]
Hyper-Density CablesHyper-Density Cables -- needed for artificial worlds [19M]
Sphere World Placement GeneratorSphere World Placement Generator -- allows building of a sphere world [21M]
Defenses Armor Light ArmorLight Armor -- 30-125 str [0] Heavy ArmorHeavy Armor -- 120-500 str [0] Emissive ArmorEmissive Armor -- 100-250 str, 5-20 resist [210K] Stealth ArmorStealth Armor -- 100-200str, +1-11%def, cloak L2-7 [810K] Scattering ArmorScattering Armor -- 100-200str, +1-11def, blocks scanners [810K] Light Crystalline ArmorLight Crystalline Armor -- 25-100 str, 2-4 damage to shields [0] Heavy Crystalline ArmorHeavy Crystalline Armor -- 100-400 str, 8-16 damage to shields [0] Light Organic ArmorLight Organic Armor -- 25-100 str, regenerates .5-1.25 [0] Heavy Organic ArmorHeavy Organic Armor -- 100-400 str, regenerates 2-5 [0]
Shields Shield GeneratorShield Generator -- 200-500 str [140K] Shield RegeneratorShield Regenerator -- boosts shields by 5-10 during combat [240K] Phased - Shield GeneratorPhased-Shield Generator -- 300-600 str, works vs. phased weapons [1.2M]
vs. Fighter, Satellite,
Seeker, Drone, Mine
Point-Defense CannonsPD Cannons -- 16-36 dps, R50-70 [0] {0.8-1.8}
Flak CannonFlak Cannon -- 20-30 dps, R100-120, +20% hit [400K] {1.0-1.5}
Bomblet MissileBomblet Missile -- seeker, 20-30 dps, R100-150 [400K] {1.0-1.5}
Point-Defense BlasterPD Blaster -- 14-24 dps, R40-60 [400K] {1.4-2.4}
Point-Defense BeamPD Beam -- 22-42 dps, R60-70, +10% hit [400K] {1.1-2.1}
To-Hit Defense ECMECM -- +4-60 def [110K]
Stealth ArmorStealth Armor -- 100-200str, +1-11def, cloak L2-7 [810K]
Scattering ArmorScattering Armor -- 100-200str, +1-11def, blocks scanners [810K]
Stealth TotemStealth Totem -- +5-15def, blocks sensors L1-11 [800K]
Boarding Security StationSecurity Station -- overcomes 50-100 boarders [110K] Self-Destruct DeviceSelf-Destruct Device -- destroys ship if captured [180K]
Beam Defense --- Energy RefractorEnergy Refractor -- -10-20% beam damage [270K]
Crystalline hulls: -5% beam dmg
Movement Ion EngineIon Engine -- 100-120 thrust [0]
Contra-Terrene EngineContra-Terrene Engine -- 115-135 thrust [105K]
Jacketed-Photon EngineJacketed-Photon Engine -- 130-150 thrust [305k]
Quantum EngineQuantum Engine -- 145-165 thrust [630K]
Solar SailSolar Sail -- +1-2 movement [120K]
& Stealth
Scanning Basic SensorsBasic Sensors -- scan L1-6, 3-15 sectors [0]
Tachyon SensorsTachyon Sensors -- scan L6-21, 5-13 sectors [140K]
Long Range ScannersLong-Range Scanners -- ship details, 3-23 sectors [315K]
Psychic ReceptorsPsychic Receptors -- scan L6-21, 5-13 sectors [0]
Temporal SensorsTemporal Sensors -- scan L6-21, 5-13 sectors [0]
Stealth Scanner JammerScanner Jammer -- reduces scan range 3-23 [315K]
Cloaking DeviceCloaking Device -- blocks sensors L6-20 [560K]
Stealth ArmorStealth Armor -- 100-200str, +1-11def, cloak L2-7 [810K]
Scattering ArmorScattering Armor -- 100-200str, +1-11def, blocks scanners [810K]
Stealth TotemStealth Totem -- +5-15def, blocks sensors L1-11 [800K]
Supply Supply StorageSupply Storage -- stores 250-500 supply [0]
Large Supply StorageLarge Supply Storage -- stores 1000-2000 supply [0]
Solar CollectorSolar Collector -- generate 50-100 supply per star [20K]
Quantum ReactorQuantum Reactor -- generate 100-300 supply [540K]
Ordnance Ordnance StorageOrdnance Storage -- stores 100-200 ordnance [0]
Large Ordnance StorageLarge Ordnance Storage -- stores 400-800 ordnance [0]
Ordnance VatOrdnance Vat -- stores 300-600 ordnance, generates 50-100 [1.6M]
Crew &
Ships & Bases BridgeBridge -- required unless master computer [0]
Auxiliary ControlAuxiliary Control -- backup bridge [40K]
Life SupportLife Support -- required, for 50-100 crew [0]
Crew QuartersCrew Quarters -- required, for 50-100 crew [0]
Master ComputerMaster Computer -- alternative to crews [400K]
Satellites Satellite Computer CoreSatellite Computer Core -- required [0]
Weapon Platform Weapon Platform Computer CoreWeapon Platform Computer Core -- required [0]
Construction Space YardSpace Yard -- 1-3K construction, 100-200 repair [0]
Temporal Space Yard FacilityTemporal Space Yard -- 4-6K construction, 250-500 repair [1.6M]
Colonization Gas Giant ColonyGas Giant, Ice ColonyIce, Rock ColonyRock -- colonizers for each planet type [500K]
Bays Repair BayRepair Bay -- 100-300 spacebourne repair [10K]
Medical BayMedical Bay -- cures plague L1-5 [30K]
Satellite BaySatellite Bay -- 10-18s launch, 100-200 cargo [0]
Cargo BayCargo Bay -- 100-200 cargo [0]

Fighters & Troops
Hulls Fighters
+30% hit
Small FighterSmall Fighter -- 12-16t, +60% def [0]
Medium FighterMedium Fighter -- 20-25t, +50% def [180K]
Large FighterLarge Fighter -- 30-36t, +40% def [400K]
Crystalline Small Fighter Organic Small Fighter
Crystalline Medium Fighter Organic Medium Fighter
Crystalline Large Fighter Organic Large Fighter
Troops Small TroopSmall Troop -- 8-12t, +15% def [0]
Medium TroopMedium Troop -- 14-18t, +10% def [90K]
Large TroopLarge Troop -- 20-24t, +5% def [270K]
Crystalline Small Troop Organic Small Troop
Crystalline Medium Troop Organic Medium Troop
Crystalline Large Troop Organic Large Troop
Weapons Direct-Fire,
no ord. needed
Small Anti-Proton BeamSmall Anti-Proton Beam -- 5-10dps, R40-60, 2×acc. at range [150K] {1.7-3.3}
Small Meson BlasterSmall Meson Blaster -- 3-8dps, R30-40 [150K] {1.5-4.0}
Small Phased-Polaron BeamSmall Phased-Polaron Beam -- 2-5dps, R30-50, skips normal shields [320K] {0.7-1.71}
Small Ripper BeamSmall Ripper Beam -- 5-10dps, R20-30 [320K] {2.5-5.0}
Small Incinerator BeamSmall Incinerator Beam -- 9-15dps, R40 [600K] {1.8-3.0}
Small Graviton BeamSmall Graviton Beam -- 11-18dps, R30-40 [320K] {1.8-3.0}
Small Shield DepleterSmall Shield Depleter -- 5-12dps, R30-50, shields only [255K] {2.5-6.0}
Small Electric DischargeSmall Electric Discharge -- 3-5dps, R30-50, 2× vs. shields [0] {1.5-2.5}
Small Telekinetic ProjectorSmall Telekinetic Projector -- 7-12dps, R30-50 [0] {1.8-3.0}
Small Time Distortion BurstTime Distortion Burst -- 3-6dps, R30-60, 4× vs. shields [0] {0.8-1.5}
Small Depleted Uranium CannonSmall Depleted Uranium Cannon -- 3-8dps, R40-60 [0] {1.0-2.6}
Small Shard CannonSmall Shard Cannon -- 2-5dps, R40-60, skips armor [0] {1.0-2.5}
Small Acid GlobuleSmall Acid Globule -- 5-11dps, R40-60 [0] {1.3-2.8}
Small Rocket PodsSmall Rocket Pods -- 6-12dps, R50-70 [0] {1.2-2.4}
Seeking Small Anti-Matter TorpedoSmall Anti-Matter Torpedo -- 10-20dps, R50-100 [260K] {1.3-2.5}
Ramming Kamikaze WarheadKamikaze Warhead -- 50-125dmg [10K]
Small Cluster BombSmall Cluster Bomb -- 12-27dps vs. ground targets [15K]
Troop Ground CannonGround Cannon -- for troops [0]
Sensors Small Combat SensorsSmall Combat Sensors -- adds 5-55% accuracy [0]
Defenses Armor Small ArmorSmall Armor -- 10-25 str [0]
Small Emissive ArmorSmall Emissive Armor -- 15-25str, 3-5 dmg resist [210K]
Small Crystalline ArmorSmall Crystalline Armor -- 10-20str, 1-2dmg to shield [0]
Small Organic ArmorSmall Organic Armor -- 10-20str, 1-3dmg regeneration [0]
Shields Small Shield GeneratorSmall Shield Generator -- 30-80str [180K]
ECM Small ECMSmall ECM -- +4-44% def [110K]
Movement Fighter
Small Ion EngineSmall Ion -- 10-12 thrust [0]
Small Contra-Terrene EngineSmall Contra-Terrene -- 12-14 thrust [105K]
Small Jacketed-Photon EngineSmall Jacketed-Photon -- 14-16 thrust [305K]
Small Quantum EngineSmall Quantum -- 16-18 thrust [630K]
AfterburnersAfterburners [0]
Nuclear Ground ThrustersNuclear -- 10-12 thrust [0]
Fusion Ground ThrustersFusion -- 12-14 thrust [105K]
Anti-Grav Ground ThrustersAnti-Grav -- 14-16 thrust [305K]
Quantum Ground ThrustersQuantum -- 16-18 thrust [630K]
Basics Fighters Fighter CockpitFighter Cockpit -- required [0]
Fighter Life SupportFighter Life Support -- required [0]
Troops Troop CockpitTroop Cockpit -- required [0]
Supply Small Supply StorageSmall Supply Storage -- 75-100 supply [0]
Ordnance Small Ordnance StorageSmall Ordnance Storage -- 50-75 ordnance [0]
Small Ordnance VatSmall Ordnance Vat -- 75-100 ordnance, generates 5-30 [1.6M]

-25% maint.
Small DroneSmall Drone -- 100-120t, +50% def [180K] Medium DroneMedium Drone -- 140-180t, +40% def [450K] Large DroneLarge Drone -- 200-240t, +30% def [990K] Crystalline Small Drone Organic Small Drone
Crystalline Medium Drone Organic Medium Drone
Crystalline Large Drone Organic Large Drone
Weapons Direct-Fire Many direct-fire weapons can be placed on drones
Anti-Ship WarheadStandard -- 125-275dmg [+10K]
Anti-Planet WarheadAnti-Planet -- 250-550dmg [+10K]
Basics Drone Computer CoreDrone Computer Core -- required [+0]

-50% maint.
Small MineSmall -- 10t [70K] Medium MineMedium -- 15t [160K] Large MineLarge -- 20t [340K] Crystalline Small Mine Organic Small Mine
Crystalline Medium Mine Organic Medium Mine
Crystalline Large Mine Organic Large Mine
Warhead Mine Warhead StandardStandard -- 50-125dmg [+10K] Mine Warhead NeutrinoNeutrino -- 30-80dmg, shield gen. only [+465K] Mine Warhead IonicIonic -- 30-80dmg, engines only [+105K] Mine Warhead TachyonTachyon -- 30-80dmg, weapons only [+145K]

  [n] = research amount to the first instance of this item
  {a-b} = weapon damage per second per ton
  SR,MR,LR = short range, medium range, long range weapon
  link = Crystallurgy racial tech
  link = Deeply Religious racial tech
  link = Organic Manipulation racial tech
  link = Psychic racial tech
  link = Temporal Knowledge racial tech
  link = discovered technology (from ruins)

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