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In order to avoid the insanity of neverending lines of medieval families, I have restricted my web content to immigrants and their descendents in our lines. So what you're seeing is a couple hundred of thousands of names and dates, but hopefully the most relevant and underdocumented ones to many readers. If you're interested in the overseas genealogy as well, just write to me and I can send it. -- Daryl.

Rather than present the genealogy data for our family in one huge file, it is broken down into sections. The trees shown represent the pedigrees of those one to four generations back, to protect the privacy of people still living. The maiden names of recent generations are abbreviated since credit card companies and others like to use them for identification (unfortunately, sigh). So where you see "Ro." it stands for a full surname like "Roberts" (though not that).

Trees and Data

I keep the data locally in Sierra's Generations 5, but the data is formatted for these web pages with a home-built tool in Perl. Table format copyright 2000 Daryl Poe, but table data public domain (facts and unknowing misinformation :-) cannot be copyrighted). This information is correct to the best of my knowledge, but some connections may not be collaborated by first or even second-source documents. If you're serious about verifying your information, this is not a good source. However, most of the time I do not include single-source data on the web charts.

Here are some of the sources of data in these files: Recommended sources    Sources referenced in all trees
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If you have any updates, corrections, additions, or questions, please write me at: Daryl's email