Eclipse Phase Dictionary & Gazetteer

14K TriadpoliticalThe Triad with control over gambling.EP84
360° visionrobowareA bot/synth sensory enhancement.EP311
AarhuslocationA domed city on Titan, home to several universities and five million residents.EP106
AarulocationA region on Titan, surrounded by endless rippling dunes.EP106
AbramsenlocationA minor Saturn moon, now repositioned for Titan's defense.EP107
ablative patchgearAn one-time enhancement to armor to counter kinetic force.EP313
access jackscyberwareDirect-link jacks, ubiquitous in synths.EP306
accushotweaponryA type of smart ammo that can alter its shape to counter effects of range.EP338
adaptive interfacegearA device with smart connectors and materials meant to adapt to a wide variety of alien electronics.GC160
adrenal boostbiowareA physical augmentation bioware that increases reactions and reduces pain.EP302
aerostathabitatA habitat designed to float like a balloon in a planet's upper atmosphere, esp. Venus.SW33,EP86
Aerial DynamicscorpA hypercorp with interests in Cythera.SW39
aerial fantasyentertainmentA form of AR-enhanced entertainment run from Aphrodite Prime, Venus.SW43
After the Fall Number of Earth Years after the Fall. Used in reference dating, e.g. AF5.EP25
AF After the FallEP25
Agyre PlanitialocationA terraformed impact basis on Mars.SW101
Airy Mean Time The reference timezone on Mars, from the Airy-0 crater.SW103
AMT Airy Mean TimeSW103
AlexanderexolocationA dome habitat on Echo V, home to 7,500.GC93
Al-HamadhanjlocationThe informal sifter capital on Mercury.SW20
Ali, SugalipersonFresh Kills Pirate King.SW71
Al Kabir, Nassim Ibn WasidpersonHead of the wealthy Al Kabir family.SW148
AlphadrugA recreational drug that stimulates production of alpha-[fe]male phermones.EP320
alpha fork An exact copy of an ego, instantiated as a fork. Alpha forks are illegal in many jurisdictions.EP273
Al-RashidlocationA worker residential district in Progress, Mars orbit.SW127
Altheiser RocketrycorpA corp headquartered in New Pittsburgh, Mars.SW115
AmalthealocationThe Jovian moonlet is now a Reagan cylinder, renamed "Solano".EP98
Amazonis PlanitialocationA region of Mars on the boundary of the TQZ.EP94
Ambelina, ClaudiapersonThe multiforked founder of Pax Familae.EP84
Amelia AssetscorpAn LLA bank on Luna.EP81
Amoeba, ThelocationAn immense glowing statue in Locus.EP101
Amor An asteroid orbiting between Earth and Mars, perhaps crossing Mars' orbit.SW132
AmphibalienAn extinct, intelligent species whose ruins have been found on Droplet.GC90
AnalectlocationThe major settlement on Saturn's moon Iapetus, nearby abandoned TITAN structures.EP104
anarchistpoliticalAn anti-government political movement or member thereof. An anarchist believes government is unnecessary, that power corrupts, and that people should control their own lives through self-organized individual and collective action.EP77
Anarchist MovementpoliticalA loose political bloc of anarchist habitats.EP77
anonymous account A way to mask identity while online.EP330
anti-glarecyberwareCyberware reducing the effects of visual glare.EP306
Aphrodite PrimelocationAn aerostat orbiting Venus, center of bioengineering and tourism. Home to 300,000.SW35
Aphrodite TerralocationA location on Venus above which Aphrodite Prime hovers.EP90
Apohele An asteroid with an orbit less than .983AU.SW132
Apollo An asteroid with an orbit averaging close to 1AU.SW132
aquanautmorphA morph optimized for underwater activity.GC150
arachnoidmorphA spider-like robotic synthmorph.EP142
ArboriaexolocationA settlement on Bluewood, home to 6,000.GC80
ArcadiaexolocationA Venus-like exoplanet accessible through the Martian Gate. Exact coordinates are a secret of Pathfinder.GC74
AreslocationThe artificial river bisecting New Shanghai on Mars.SW113
Ares VallislocationRegion of Mars where Ashoka lies.EP93
argonautpoliticalA member of a faction of techno-progressive scientists who promotes responsible and ethical use of technology.EP79
Arjuna An asteroid with orbit similar to Earth but low eccentricity and inclination.SW132
AR illusionprogramA program to introduce illusory sensory input via AR feedback.EP331
arm slide A weapon accessory that can slide a pistol from forearm to hand.EP342
armor clothinggearLightweight armor built into normal clothing.EP312
armor vestgearTougher armor clothing protecting the vitals.EP312
Arnault-Kieselhurst-PatrickcorpA media company headquartered Nytrondheim, Mars.SW115
Arsia MonslocationA Martian mountain on the edge of the TQZ, riddled with caves.SW107,SW127
artificialslangMartian slang for any type of artificial life with a physical body.SW103
artificial general intelligenceAIAn AI that has cognitive faculties comparable to that of a human or higher. AKA: strong AI.EP48,EP244
AGIAIartificial general intelligenceEP48,EP244
artificial intelligence An inorganic thinking machine. Generally used to refer to weak AIs; i.e., AIs that do not encompass (or in some cases, are completely outside of) the full range of human cognitive abilities. AIs differ from AGIs in that they are usually specialized and/or intentionally crippled/limited.EP244
art morphmorphA morph style whose design is less functional than artistic.
AshokalocationA minor city on Mars in the eastern Valles region. 10,000 residents and as many tourists.SW123
AspislocationAn Ultimate habitat in the inner system.EP108
Assembly, ThepoliticalThe judicial branch of Planetary Consortium.SW145
Association of Autonomist AstrophysicistspoliticalThe collective in charge of Penrose Station.GC120
async A person with psi abilities.EP218
astronomical unit The average distance between the Earth and the Sun. Equal to 8.3 light minutes or about 150 million kilometers.EP25
AU astronomical unitEP25
Aten An asteroid with average orbit less than 1AU but occasional aphelion crossing Earth's orbit.SW132
Aten StationlocationA secretive cluster habitat in the Sun's corona. 12,000 inhabitants.SW15,EP88
AthenaeumlocationThe New Shanghai home of the University of Mars.SW113
AtiralocationA cluster habitat on a C-Type Apohele asteroid.SW132
AtlaslocationA Saturine moon, home of Volkograad habitat.EP103
Atlas Incident A brief, destructive war between Fa Jing and Volkov over Atlas.EP103
@-repreputationReputation score within the @-list.EP286
AtropinechemicalA chemical that serves as an antidote against nerve agents.EP323
Aubade The first conventional interstellar probe, launched from Titan in 8AF.EP106
augmented reality Information from the mesh that is overlaid on real-world senses. AR data is usually entropic (visual), but can also be audio, tactile, olifactory, kinesthetic (body awareness), emotional, or other types of input.EP239
AR augmented realityEP239
AuthenticpoliticalA cultural movement to hold onto old Earth cultures.SW119
automechrobotA ubiquitous general-purpose repair bot.EP345
autonomistpoliticalA member of the alliance of anarchists, Barsoomians, Extropians, scum, and Titanians.EP25
Autonomist AlliancepoliticalA political bloc formed of outer system autonomists.EP76
avatar An online personal representation, from realistic to iconic.EP239
BabylonexolocationA scorched moon orbiting a exoplanet close to a yellow star.GC77
backup The recording of the state of an ego.EP268
backup insurance A service that will retrieve a cortical stack or restore from backup if not possible.EP269,EP330
back wingvehicleA personal, powered glider.GC163
BaileylocationA worker residential district in Progress, Mars orbit.SW127
BainbridgelocationAn intellectual district of Elysium, Mars.SW121
BansheeexolocationThe only major city on Luca II, home to 13,000.GC106
Banana FuriosasdrugA health drug that reduces radiation damage.EP319
BanksidelocationAn upscale neighborhood in Progress, Mars orbit.SW127
BarsoomianpoliticalA rural Martian. Barsoomians are typically resentful of hypercorp control.EP79
Barsoomian MovementpoliticalAn anti-terraforming movement on Mars.SW97
basic biomodsbiowareA set of basic improvements included in most biomorphs.EP300
basic mesh insertscyberwareThe ubiquitous mesh-interaction devices included in most biomorphs.EP300
BasilicaexolocationA rocky moon orbiting Just In Case, containing its Gate.GC101
basilisk hack An image or other sensory input that affects the brain's visual cortex and pattern recognition abilities in such a way as to cause a glitch and possibly exploit it and rewrite neural code.EP49
Batista, NazarenopersonCEO of MMX-Espaço, art collector and recluse.EP134
Batteries, ThelocationA set of defensive stations in the Mars-Phobos L4 and L5 points.SW127
battlesuitgearFull high-protection powered armor for combat.EP344
bedlamscorcherA scorcher that inflicts mental stress through sensory and emotional input.EP332
beehivehabitatA microgravity habitat made from a tunneled-out asteroid or moon.EP280
Before the Fall Number of Earth Years before the Fall. Used in reference dating, e.g. BF20.EP25
BF Before the FallEP25
Bernal SpherehabitatA hollow sphere habitat, spun for gravity.EP86
beta fork A limited or reduced copy of an ego. Beta forks are legal in most places and are property of the original ego.EP273
Biao QianpersonChinese venture capitalist.SW148
Big Circle GangpoliticalThe Triad in charge of the illegal drug trade.EP84
BiobruglocationA bridge and neighborhood in Noctis, Mars, known for biodesign.SW117
bioclubpoliticalA society for those interested in transgenic organism design.SW119
bioconservativepoliticalAn anti-technology movement that argues for strict regulation of nanofabrication, AI, uploading, forking, cognitive enhancements, and other disruptive technologies; or a member thereof.EP80
bio-defense unitgearA nanotech unit meant to destroy non-terran organisms and organic compounds with an radius.GC157
BDUgearbio-defense unitGC157
biomorphmorphA biological body, whether a flat, splicer, genetically engineered transhuman, or pod.EP139
bioweave armorbiowareA form of light or medium armor built into a biomorph's skin.EP301
biterweaponryA form of smart ammo that fragments only against soft targets.EP338
BlackhawklocationA minor habitat in Jupiter's L4 Greeks.EP102
black kettle Martian slang for illegal morph storge or production.SW103
BlackrocklocationA derelict beehive station in the Earth-Luna L3 point.SW74
Bleeker StaatlocationA manufacturing district in Qianjiao, Mars.SW118
blue box A portable gate control unit.GC155
blueprint A molecular plan used by a nanofabricator to produce a particular good.EP284
bluetree One of the massive trees on Bluewood.GC78
BluewoodexolocationAn exoplanet containing an anarchist colony, accessible via the Fissure Gate.GC78
BobacorpA media company headquartered Nytrondheim, Mars. SW115
body armorgearHead-to-foot armor for police or combat work.EP312
body bank A service for leasing, selling, acquiring, or storing a morph. AKA: dollhouse, morgue.EP331
bodysculptbiowareTo change a biomorph in cosmetic ways, for fashion or preference.EP309
bot A robot. An AI-piloted synthetic shell.EP25
bot AIAIA weak AI capable of operating a simple bot.EP321
Boudin, LempersonLeader of the Argyre Rangers on Mars.SW104
bouncermorphA humanoid biomorph adapted for zero-G and microgravity environments. Their legs are more limber, and their feet can grasp as well as their hands.EP140
brainprint A biometric scan and identity-summary of an ego. Difficult to forge.EP279
Brak KodelexolocationAn exoplanet accessible through the Martian Gate.GC82
breadcrumb positioning systemgearA mapping aid that leaves micro or nano trail behind a moving morph.EP332
breathergearBackpack-sized equipment allowing breathing of Mars' atmosphere.SW167
BringItdrugA combat drug that stimulates the release of attention-drawing phermones.EP318
brinker An exile who lives on the fringes of the solar system, as well as other isolated and well-hidden nooks and crannies. AKA: isolates, fringers, drifters.EP80
BrokenridgecorpA terraforming company in New Dazhai, Mars.SW124
Brown, OrdpersonCurrent Senior Enforcer of the LLA.SW66
BTX²toxinA deadly cardiotoxic and neurotoxic nerve agent. AKA: Frog BiteEP323
BuckleylocationThe new Jovian name for the minor Jupiter satellite Elara.EP98
bug roundweaponryA type of projectile that gathers information on the target's location, health, and surroundings.EP337
bug zappergearA device that emits small EMP pulses, deadly to nanoswarms, micros, and specks.EP291
Bund, ThelocationThe recreated Shanghai waterfront in New Shanghai on Mars.SW113
BushlocationThe new Jovian name for the minor Jupiter satellite Metis.EP98
BuzzdrugA powerful hallucinogen derived from BZ.EP320
buzzerweaponryA spray weapon that delivers a specialized nanobot hive.EP341
CaldwelllocationA dome habitat in the vulcanoids, site of a Pandora gate. AKA: V/2011.SW17,EP88
Caldwell Incident A failed attack on the Vulcanoid Gate in AF9.GC56
CallistolocationThis major Jovian moon is puplated mostly in small habitats underground to protect against radiation.EP99
Caloris 18locationA quarantined habitat on Mercury, site of known TITAN activity.SW20
Caloris BasinlocationA basin on Mercury, heavy in minerals.EP89
CannonlocationA city-sized mobile mass driver on Mercury owned by Jaehon. 10,000 residents.SW20
capsule roundweaponryA type of projectile that delivers a payload into the victim.EP337
carapace armorbiowareA form of chitinous exoplating providing strong armor to select biomorphs.EP302
Cardison LimitedcorpThe largest independent lunar bank, now separate from Amelia Assets.SW81
cargo haulervehicleA large freight hauler used on Mars.SW168
CarnivaleexolocationA terrestial exoplanet accessible through the Fissure Gate.GC86
casemorphA cheap, common, mass-produced synthetic shell. Vaguely anthromorphic and prone to frequent malfunctions.EP143
Cassandra's ReachlocationA dense region in Jupiter's L5 Trojans.EP101
Casson, SuzannepersonA former Futura researcher, now working for SIBA.GC136
cauterizerscorcherA scorcher that inflicts harmful biofeedback.EP332
Centrum ParklocationA huge park in the center of Noctis City, Mars.SW117
CereslocationThe largest Main Belt asteroid, a major resupply station.EP97
chameleon cloakgearA device that perceives and re-emits wavelengths to camoflage the wearer.EP315
chameleon coatinggearAn armor enhancement allowing it to function like a chameleon cloak.EP312
chameleon skinbiowareA bioware enhancement allowing dynamic adjustment of skin tone and pattern.EP302
Chan-Davis TrustcorpA lunar hypercorp investment house.SW81
Chat NoirlocationA habitat on Uranian moon Oberon, home of the Fissure Gate.GC63,EP108
chemical snifferrobowareA robotic sensory apparatus allowing chemical analysis.EP311
chimeric Transgenic, containing genetic traits from multiple speciesEP25
ChinatownlocationThe entertainment district of Elysium, Mars.SW121
ChunglocationThe new Jovian name for the minor Jupiter satellite Leda.EP98
Circle-AreputationA reputation list for anarchists, Barsoomians, Extropians, scum, and Titanians. AKA: @-list.EP286
circadian regulationbiowareBioware halving the normal amount of sleep needed to two hours.EP304
circumjovian Orbiting Jupiter.EP25
circumlunar Orbiting the moon.EP25
circumsolar Orbiting the sun.EP25
cislunar Between Earth and the moon.EP25
CivicNetreputationA reputation list used by Jovian Republic, LLA, Morningstar, Planetary Consortium, and many hypercorps.EP286
clade A species or group of organisms with common features. Used to refer to transhuman subspecies and morph types.EP39
clanking massesslangPejoritive term applied to those sleeved in synthbots.EP66
clawsbiowareSmall, retractable claws used as light weapons or tools.EP304
cleanernanobotA nanobot intended to clean, polish, and remove dirt and stains.EP329
clean metabolismbiowareA bioware enhancement to reduce skin infections, odor, etc.EP304
Clever HandslocationA lunar settlement, home of Somatek's uplift efforts.SW88
Cloak & DaggerentertainmentA espionage MARG.SW154
cloud diveentertainmentTo participate in a Venusian of skydiving between 80 and 35km.SW42
CloudtopexolocationAn aerostate in Arcadia's atmosphere.GC75
clown spriteanimalA native animal of Echo IV.GC172
clusterhabitatA type of microgravity habitat consisting of interconnected modules.EP281
CognitecorpA hypercorp specializing in cognitive science, mental implants, psychosurgery, and nootropics.EP70,SW146
cold weather geargearTemperature gear suitable for Mars.SW167
Cole bubblehabitatA habitat made from a hollowed-out asteroid or moon, spun for gravity. AKA: bubbleworld.EP281
Colony, ThelocationA lunar habitat where all residents inhabit insect-sized morphs.SW88
Comet ExpresscorpA hypercorp specializing in shipping and delivery. AKA: COMEX.EP70
ComfurtdrugA health drug that blocks stress hormones, stabilizes mood, and relieves anxiety.EP319
Commonwealth HublocationTitan's long-haul spaceport, orbiting above the Skyport.EP107
Commonwealth SkyportlocationTitan's principle skyport, near Nyhavn.EP107
ConamaralocationThe largest of the seafloor habitats on Europa with 1.5 million residents.EP99
Conamara ChaoslocationA surface-to-seafloor elevator on Europa.EP99
Condor-2locationA mysterious cluster habitat on a C-Type Apollo asteroid.SW133
CouduitpoliticalA criminal organization on Mars dedicated to free distribution of copyrighted materials.SW107
Corinth ParkwayslocationA high-end residential district of Elysium, Mars.SW121
cornucopia machinegearA general-purpose nanofabricator.EP327
CMgearcornucopia machineEP327
CorseexolocationA rocky gas giant moon accessible from the Pandora Gate.GC87
cortical stackcyberwareAn implanted memory cell used for ego backup. Located where the spine meets the skull; can be cut out. AKA: stackEP300
Council, ThepoliticalThe ruling body of the LLA.SW66
covert operations toolgearSmart tools and nanobot lockcutters.EP315
COTgearcovert operations toolEP315
CraftsburylocationA minor habitat in Jupiter's L4 Greeks.EP102
Crash CourselocationA gatecrasher's bazaar in Gateway, Pandora, Saturn.GC61
crashermorphAn enhanced ruster biomorph, optimized for gatecrashing activities.GC150
Crasher's BazaarlocationNear the Hub in Pathfinder City, Mars, a central marketplace and hangout for gatecrashers.GC59
crasher suitgearAn Omnicor vacsuit optimized for gatecrashing.GC157
crasher truckvehicleA less expensive version of the GEV.GC163
crash suitgearLight armor that can stiffen when needed for extra protection.EP312
c-repreputationReputation score within the CivicNet reputation list.EP286
creepyrobotA small general-purpose household or personal crawler bot.EP345
CR GastoxinA potent incapacitating gas.EP324
cthonian planet The remnants of a gas giant stripped of its atmosphere.GC37
C-Type A carbonaceous asteroid.SW132
cuffbandgearA self-tightening restraining band.EP316
cyberbraincyberwareAn artificial brain, housing an ego. Included in both synthmorphs and pods, for AIs and once-organic egos.EP300
cyberclawscyberwareCyber enhancement allowing dangerous claws to be extruded from the hands.EP307
cyberlimbcyberwareA replacement synthetic limb, possibly with compartments.EP307
cyberlimb pluscyberwareA strength-enhanced cyberlimb.EP308
cycler A spacecraft in continual orbit between two bodies, especially Earth and Luna.SW71
CytheriacorpA torus habitat orbiting Venus. A hypercorp research park.SW39
Dalton GangpoliticalA local criminal organization on Mars in Argyre.SW109
Dalton, Dr. Yu PingpersonA controversial biogeneticist who recently immigrated to Fortean.SW94
Dang Fish EcholocationA minor tin can habitat in Twelve Commons.EP103
Darian calendar An alternate calendar in use on Mars.SW103
darkcast Illegal and black-market farcasting and egocasting services.EP242
Davis IslandexolocationAn island on Droplet on which Iktomi ruins have been found.GC91
DaxamcorpA hypercorp that runs Krypton.GC103
dazzlergearA laser that detects reflections and blinds cameras.EP316
DDRdrugA narcoalgorithm that stimulates a form of involuntary dance.EP323
dead switchcyberwareA device designed to destroy a cortical stack if the owner dies.EP306
Deep ReachlocationA minor Venusian aerostat with allegiance to Omnicor.SW37
defense beacongearA combined sensor and light defense device meant for perimeter protection.GC157
DegenpathogenA deadly degenerative neurological disease.EP324
DeimoslocationSee Progress.SW125
Delacroix-ShelleylocationA secretive base on Mercury.SW21
delta fork An extremely limited and pruned fork of an ego.EP273
densiplast glovesweaponryA pair of gloves that hardens when activated.EP334
DeshengmenlocationA ring of corporate housing in Olympus.SW110
device AIAIA weak AI capable of operating a simple device.EP321
Dhiagelev, NatachapersonCurrent Secretary-General of the Tharsis League Secretariat.SW104
diamond axeweaponryA common two-handed diamond-coated axe.EP334
diggermorphA worker pod biomorphn used in archeology.GC150
digging clawsbiowareA biowear adaption to optimize digging.GC152
DionelocationA Saturine moon. The major base is Thoroughgood.EP103
Direct ActioncorpA hypercorp specializing in security services and military contracting.EP71,SW146
direction sensebioware,cyberwareA sensory enhancement providing an innate sense of direction. Also available as cyberware.EP301
disablergearA device to disable a bot or synth via its access jack.EP316
disassemblernanobotA type of nanobot meant to deconstruct matter. One variant attacks synthmorphs without fear to biomorphs.EP329
disassembly toolsgearA set of large tools used in salvage.EP330
Discord GatelocationThe Pandora gate on Eris in the Kuiper Belt.GC65
DisruptiontoxinA nanotoxin that disables by attacking the nerves.EP324
DMSOchemicalA carrier chemical that allows other chemicals to be absorbed through the skin.EP323
domain rules The rules that govern the reality of a VR simulspace.EP25
domehabitatA type of habitat of a massive hemisphere on a surface.EP86
Don, AvrapersonCurrent president of the LLA.SW66
dragonflymorphA robotic morph with multiple wings and manipulator arms. Nearly silent under Earth gravity and even better in microgravity.EP144
Dr. BotrobotAn advanced wheeled medical robot.EP345
dream shellrelicAn Iktomi relic that affects dreams.GC164
drifterslangA social group of nomads, free traders, pirates, asteroid farmers, scavngers, or migrant workers.EP25
DrivedrugA cognitive drug that improves idea production and concentration.EP318
drone A robot controlled through teleoperation (rather than directly via onboard AI).EP25
DropletexolocationA terrestrial exoplanet accessible from the Pandora Gate, home to the extinct intelligent Amphib species.GC89
drug glandbiowareA biomorph can produce and inject their own drugs using this tailored internal organ.EP304
Dulcimer CanyonlocationA disused district of Elysium, Mars.SW121
Dumont BuildinglocationThe center of the garment district in Qianjiao, Mars.SW117
Duvalier, RaelpersonFormer Somatek CEO, head of SIBA.SW148
dvergrmorphA biomorph optimized for high-gravity environments.GC150
dwarfrobotA large, squat industrial robot mostly used in mining and construction.EP345
DysnomialocationA moon of Eris, home to Pharos.GC65
EarthlocationMajor Sol planet, home of mankind.SW45
EchoexolocationAn extrasolar binary system with two planets of interest (IV and V).GC92
Echo VexolocationA terrestrial exoplanet on which the first Iktomi ruins were found.GC92
Echo IVexolocationA terrestrial exoplanet filled with megafauna.GC93
echolocationbioware,cyberwareA sensory augmentation that allows spacial awareness via high-frequency sound.EP301
EcologenecorpA hypercorp specializing in environmental systems and genetics.EP71
EcoWavereputationA reputation list used by nano-ecologists, preservationists, and reclaimers.EP286
ectogearAn external personal mesh device that is flexible, stretchable, self-cleaning, translucent, and solar-powered. From "ecto-link" for "external link".EP50,EP325
EctomorphcorpAn Elysium resleeving, backup, and egocasting company for clients with unusual security concerns.SW122
EducarecorpA hypercorp running a simulspace educational and vocational training center on Geographos.SW133
eelwarebiowareA bioware enhancement allowing the production of strong static electricity.EP304
Egg, ThelocationA skyscraper-sized oval left by the Factors orbiting Mercury.SW21
ego The part of an entity that transfers from body to body. AKA: ghost, soul, essence, spirit, persona.EP25
ego bridge A vat device used for uploading and downloading minds.EP328
egocast Transferring an ego via farcasting, the primary method of long-distance travel, using quantum farcasting.EP275,EP331
eidetic memorybiowareA memory enhancement making detailed recall available for anything on which the attention was focused.EP301
El Barrio de la CiencialocationA district of Qianjiao, Mars, in which cars are forbidden.SW119
electrical sensecyberwareCyberware providing awareness of electrical fields.EP306
electrogravatic netgearA failsafe used to counter gravity when falling.EP332
electronic ropegearA rope-like device that can be ordered to move, wrap, stiffen, etc.EP332
ElegualocationA Bernal Sphere habitat in high-Earth orbit.SW70
Elysian FieldslocationA Brinker O'Neill cylinder at the Earth-Sun L3.SW137
ElysiumlocationA sprawling major city on Mars in the Hesperia region, basically a glass ceiling over the Hyblaeus Chasma canyon.SW119
Elysium People's MilitiapoliticalThe police force of Elysium, Mars.SW121
EPMpoliticalElysium People's MilitiaSW121
Elysium & TharsiscorpA maglev company on Mars.SW105
emergency bubblegearA device that can create a small surviable environment in a malfunctioning spacecraft.EP332
emergency distress beacongearA device that will broadcast a programmed help message over a wide area.EP333
emergency farcastercyberwareA device providing 48-hour regular backup and emergency (albeit fatal) one-time backup.EP305
emergency rationsgearUnappealing but nutritional bars. A set of nine lasts for three days.GC158
emotional dampersbiowareA set of bioware enhancement that allows the voluntary reduction of emotional cues and tells.EP304
Empress Del GolfocorpA hypercorp operating on Atira.EP132
EnceladuslocationA Saturine moon rich in organics. The major habitat is Profunda.EP103
encryptionprogramA class of program for data encryption.EP331
endocrine controlbiowareA bioware enhancement allowing control over hormonal production, emotions, and pain.EP304
Eng/DilworthcorpA Progress security firm specializing in station security and automation.SW127
engineernanobotA form of nanobot intended for construction.EP329
enhanced hearingbioware,cyberwareAdaptation to increase the range and sensitivity of hearing.EP301
enhanced phermonesbiowareThis bioware produces phermones that subconsciously affect the emotions of other biomorphs in the vicinity.EP305
enhanced respirationbiowareA bioware enhancement to allow a specific type of atmosphere to be more breathable or to allow holding of breath and wider pressure ranges.EP305,GC152
enhanced visionbioware,cyberwareAn adaptation to increase the frequency response and sensitivity of vision. EP301
entopic An AR image that you "see" in your head. ("Entopic" means "within the eye".)EP239
EoslocationThe immense basin on the eastern end of Valles Marinaris.SW112
EpimethuslocationA moonlet between the F and G rings of Saturn, along with Janus. Home of the Twelve Commons habitats.EP103
EratolocationA lunar mining city. Third largest city on Luna. AKA: EratosthenesSW85
Eroatosthenes craterlocationCrater on Luna, home of Erato.EP92
e-repreputationReputation score within the EcoWave reputation list.EP286
ErislocationThe Kuiper Belt dwarf planet housing the Discord Gate.EP109
EroslocationA beehive station on an S-Type Amor asteroid.SW133
e-tag A contextual note attached to a person, place, or object via AR entoptic data.EP239
EtemenankilocationA minor Venusian aerostat with allegiance to the Planetary Consortium.SW37
EuropalocationThis major oceanic Jovian moon is populated mostly subsurface to protect against radiation.EP99
EVA sledgearA maneuverable small cargo carrier for zero-G.EP345
exaltmorphA humanoid biomorph whose genetic code has been enhanced to make them healthier, smarter, and more attractive. AKA: genefreak, the Ascended, the Elevated.EP139
exhumanpoliticalA socio-political movement to take self-modification to its full limits and seek posthuman status.EP80
exomoon A moon orbiting a planet in another solar system.GC74
exoplanet A planet in another solar system.EP25
ExotechcorpA hypercorp specializing in uploading, AIs, electronics, and software.EP71
exowalkergearA basic strength-enhancing exoskeleton.EP344
ExperiacorpA hypercorp specializing in media, news, entertainment, and memetics. Owned by the Oaxaca-Maartens family.EP71,SW146
experience playbackentertainmentA recording of someone else's sensory input (in real-time or recorded). AKA: experia, sim, simsense, playback.EP53,EP241
XPentertainmentexperience playbackEP53,EP241
exploit A hacker program meant to take advantage of known vulnerabilities in other software.EP331
explorenautrobotA robot used to evaluate a new gate address after the initial use of a gate probe.GC160
ExploreNet A social network.EP286
extendable batonweaponryA hardened impact weapon that retracts into its handle.EP334
extreme heat shieldingrobowareA robotic enhancement allowing temperatures up to 500°C.SW166
extreme pressure shieldingrobowareA robotic enhancement allowing pressures up to 100 atomospheres.SW167
exsurgent Someone infected by the Exsurgent virus.EP42
exsurgent virus A mysterious multi-vector infection released during the Fall.EP42
extra limbsrobowareA robotic enhancement featuring additional forms of limbs.EP311
extrasolar Outside the Solar System.EP25
ExtropialocationA massive beehive habitat in the Main Belt on 44 Nysa.EP97
ExtropianspoliticalA political bloc centered in the Main Belt.EP78
Eye, ThereputationThe reputation list used by Firewall.EP286
fabbergearA specialized nanofabricator.EP328
fabber undergroundpoliticalA set of criminals promoting widespread and untracable fabber use in Qianjiao, Mars.SW119
facial recognition programprogramA program designed to recognize an individual.EP331
FactoralienOne of the alien ambassadorial race that deals with humanity. AKA: BrokersEP40
FairwaylocationThe new Jovian name for the minor Jupiter satellite Adrastea.EP98
Fa JingcorpA hypercorp specializing in mining, energy, biotech, and industrial manufacturing.EP71,SW146
fake ego IDgearA counterfeit ego.EP331
Fall The apocalypse. The singularity and wars that nearly brought about the downfall of humanity.EP26
FamereputationA reputation list used by socialites, artists, glitterati, and media.EP286
Family SungpoliticalA local criminal organization on Mars in the Valles midlands.SW109
faraday containergearA specimen container that blocks electromagnetic emissions.GC160
faraday suitgearA vacsuit meant for habitats where titan activity is suspected, with protection from various electronic and hacking attacks.GC158
farcast Intrasolar communication utilizing classical communication technologies (radio, laser, etc.) and quantum teleportationEP26
farhaulervehicleLong-distance space shipper.EP26
Far Reach IIlocationA O'Neill cylinder orbiting Venus, home of Omnicor nanofabrication and manufacturing research.SW38
FeynmanlocationA secretive lunar Omnicor station.SW88
fiber eyegearA viewer and flexible piece of optical cable.EP316
fiberoptic cablecommunicationsA link between devices offering privacy.EP313
filter strawgearA personal water-filtering device.GC159
fireproofinggearAn armor enhancement to increase temperature resistance.EP313
FirewallpoliticalThe cross-factional organization working to protect transhumanity from "existential threats" (risks to humanity's continued existence).EP84
firewall (program)programSoftware to discourage hostile intrusion.EP321
First Link Term applied to the first time a new Gate address is used.GC24
First-In First transition of a Gate address by a gatecrashing team.GC25
Fissure GatelocationThe Pandora gate on Uranus' moon Oberon, controlled by the Love and Rage Collective (anarchists).GC63
fixernanobotA form of nanobot intended for repair.EP329
fixorrelicAn alien artifact that can be stuck in place relative to the local gravitational field.GC165,GC123
flashlightgearThe humble flashlight works in infrared, visible, and ultraviolet.EP333
flatlanderslangSomeone born or used to living on a planet or moon with substantial gravity.EP26
flatmorphA baseline human biomorph with no genetic modifications. Flats are becoming increasingly rare. AKA: norm.EP139
flayerweaponryA type of smart ammo that spreads a web of monomolecular barbs just before impact.EP338
flexbotmorphA shape-changing synthmorph also capable of joining together with other flexbots in a modular fashion to create larger shapesEP144
flex cutterweaponryA machete-like weapon whose blade can be stiffened or, when inactive, flexed and rolled.EP334
flex roundweaponryAmmo that can be lethal (hard) or nonlethal (plastic) by choice.EP337
FlighttoxinA toxin intended to instill alarm and terror.EP324
flying carvehicleA common personal flying vehicle on Mars.SW168
Flytrap, ThelocationA derelict torus habitat at the Earth-Luna L1 abandoned after TITAN activity. AKA: De MiloSW74
FootyentertainmentA sports-oriented MARG.SW154
fork A copy of an ego. Not all forks are full copies. AKA: backup.EP273
ForteanexolocationAn icy moon accessible via the Fissure Gate, home to a Brinker colony.GC94
Fortress SavingscorpA moderate-sized lunar bank, maintained by Chan-Davis trust.SW81
fractal digitsrobowareRobot limbs with reconfigurable detail down to the micro-scale.EP311
FranconialocationAn upscale neighborhood in Progress, Mars orbit.SW127
f-repreputationReputation score within the Fame reputation list.EP286
FriedmanlocationThe new Jovian name for the minor Jupiter satellite Lysithea.EP98
freezerweaponryA nonlethal spray weapon that spews out a fast-hardening foam.EP341
FrequencydrugA nanodrug that stimulates strongly based on external electromagnetic radiation. AKA: Freeq.EP321
Fresh KillslocationA cluster station in Earth-Luna L5 point, known for "salvage" (read: piracy).SW71,EP91
Friday ParklocationA worker residential district in Progress, Mars orbit.SW127
FrostfirelocationA Venusian cluster habitat responsible for terraforming using iceteroids.SW39
FujizocorpA hypercorp specializing in robotics and spacecraft propulsion.SW146
fur coatanimalA form of outerwear made from a living primitive organism.EP330
furymorphA transhuman combat biomorph, tailored for endurance, strength, reflexes, and cunning. Most often female gender.EP140
futuramorphA biomorph used only by the Lost Generation, an offshoot of the exalt morph.EP140
FuxingmenlocationThe mostly-abandoned district of buildings in outer Olympus.SW110
Gada, RavjipersonCEO of Pathfinder.SW153
Galactic Exploration InstitutepoliticalAn argonaut project on Portal aimed at cataloging gate information and sharing responsibility.SW123
GEIpoliticalGalactic Exploration InstituteSW123
Galaxy 888locationA massive casino in Qing Long.SW136
Galaxy Entertainment GroupcorpA legal casino and gambling hypercorp run by the 14K Triad.EP84
GalileolocationA region on Jupiter's moon Callisto.EP100
GalliatocorpA leading fashion corporation in Noctis, Mars.SW117
gamma fork An corrupted or highly damaged copy of an ego, more commonly known as a "vapor".EP274
GammaxcorpA hypercorp with interests on Mercury.GC20
GanymedelocationThis major Jovian moon is puplated mostly in small habitats underground to protect against radiation.EP99
GarcialocationThe new Jovian name for the minor Jupiter satellite Sinope.EP98
gardenernanobotA form of nanobot focused on maintenance, planting, harvesting, and sometimes defoliation.EP329
Garson, NavpersonThe current "Organizer", head of the LLACO.SW68
gas jet systemcyberwareCyberware allowing maneuvering in microgravity.SW166
GastownlocationThe entertainment district of Noctis City, Mars.SW117
gatecrash To do high-risk exploration through a Pandora Gate.GC1
gatecrasher An explorer who takes their chances using a Pandora gate to go somewhere previously unexplored.GC1
Gatecrasher's GuildpoliticalAn association of gatecrashers and hoppers with influence on Portal.GC123
Gatekeeper CorporationcorpA hypercorp specializing in gatecrashing, research, XP media, and exoplanet colonization. Administrators of the Pandora Gate.EP72,GC60
gate probegearA portable device for initial scouting of a new gate address.GC156
GatewaylocationThe settlement on Pandora centered on the Pandora Gate.GC61
general exploration vehiclevehicleA boxy standard vehicle used in exploration beyond the Pandora Gates.EP348
GEVvehiclegeneral exploration vehicleEP348
GeographoslocationA beehive habitat on an S-Type Apollo asteroid. AKA: Synapscape.SW133
GerlachlocationAn O'Neill cylinder orbiting Venus, its major spaceport and gateway, supporting 120,000.SW37
ghostmorphA transhuman combat morph optimized for steal and infiltration, emphasizing speed, agility, reflexes, patience, and problem-solving.EP140
ghostride The act of carrying an infomorph in a special implant module inside your headEP307
ghostrider modulecyberwareCyberware allowing an infomorph to "hitchike" inside an already-occupied morph.EP307
gillsbiowareBioware that allows breathing of oxygen-carrying water.EP305
GizaexolocationA well-guarded terrestrial exoplanet accessible through the Discord Gate.GC95
Gliding MembranebiowareBioware allowing gliding in thick atmospheres.SW166
GlitchlocationA Neptunian habitat for infomorphs.EP108
Glitter BlocpoliticalA cartel of fashion houses on Enceladus, Saturn moon.EP103
gnatrobotA small rotorcraft camera/surveilance drone.EP345
Go CyclevehicleA popular, robust exploration vehicle with smart wheels.GC27,GC163
GodwinheadlocationA dense habitat on Saturn's moon Tethys.EP105
Go-Nin GroupcorpA hypercorp specializing in banking, agritech, robotics, and services.EP72
Gorgon Defense SystemscorpA hypercorp specializing in Miltech, security, and military contractingEP72
GravydrugA nanodrug that assists in acclimating to high gravity.EP321
Great CavernlocationA massive cavern near Erato, 1.5km in height.EP92
Greek An asteroid or moon that shares the same orbit as a larger planet or moon, but is 60 degrees ahead in the orbit at the L4 Lagrange point. The term Greeks normally refers to the asteroids orbiting around Jupiters L4 point.EP26
GreenviewlocationA minor habitat in Jupiter's L4 Greeks.EP102
GrindrugA combat drug that serves as a pain suppressant.EP319
grip padsbiowareBioware that enhances climbing through sticky pads on appendages.EP305
grip tapegearSticky high-strength nanotape.GC155
g-repreputationReputation score within the Guanxi reputation list.EP286
ground carvehiclePersonal ground cars are still used on Mars.GC169
GuanxireputationThe reputation list used by the triads and numerous criminal entities.EP286
guardiannanobotA form of nanobot intended to watch for and destroy unauthorized nanoswarms.EP329
guardian angelrobotA gnat robot charged with protecting a client from threats.EP345
Gusev CraterlocationA large crater on one end of the Ma'adim Vallis Canyon, in which Pathfinder City is built.GC58
gyromountweaponryA weapon accessory that can negate aiming errors from firer movement.EP342
habitat A physical location in which morphs live, usually segmented by habitat-specific social rules and mores.EP280
habtech Habitat technician.EP26
Hak, AlicepersonPlanetary Consortium candidate.SW140
Hamilton cylinderhabitatAn artificial cylindrical habitat grown from raw materials by the work of nanoscale building machines.EP281
hand lasercyberwareA personal laser grown into a forearm.EP308
Hao Lin NgaipersonChinese dissident poet, leader of Harmonious Anarchy.EP104
haptic Touch-feedback.EP237
hardened skeletoncyberwareCyberware enhancing bone strength and durability.EP308
hardsuitgearA heavy-duty, long-duration vacsuit.EP334
Harmonious AnarchylocationA behive habitat and political movement on Saturine moon Mimas.EP104
HarmonyexolocationA settlement on Bluewood; population 3,000.GC80
hazermorphA biomorph adapted to Titan, with similarities to rusters.EP106
healing podgearA more portable healing vat used in gatecrashing.GC159
healing vat A nanotechnology highly-capable healing chamber.EP326
heavy combat armorrobowareBulky, protective armor available to combat bots and synths.EP310
HekateexolocationA black hole. Penrose and a Gate are nearby.GC120
heliopauselocationThe point where pressure from the solar wind balances with the interstellar medium (about 100AU out)EP26
Helium-3 An isotope of helium valuable for fusion.EP92
Hellas PlanitialocationAn impact basin on Mars whose water serves several settlements.SW101
HellwatchlocationA torus habitat orbiting Mercury.SW21
Helm and SpearpoliticalA secretive elitist society on Mars.SW149
Herzog SecuritycorpA heavy-handed security firm in Ma'adim Vallis, Mars, now contracted to Pathfinder.SW124,GC58
HesperialocationA region on Mars.SW108
HexagonlocationA torus station in the Earth-Luna L5 point, specializing in weapons testing.SW71
hibernationbiowareA bioware enhancement allowing greatly reduced life support needs.EP305
hibernoidmorphA transhuman modified for hibernation, for extensive travel in space. Their need for sleep is minimized, requiring only 1-2 hours a day.EP140
hidden compartmentrobowareA nonstandard compartment in a bot or synth.EP311
Hidden ConcernpoliticalA cartel of uplifted octopi with sway in Ceres.EP97
Hidden SealocationAn ammonia-rich sea on Ceres.EP97
hi-dive suitgearA spacesuit system designed for atmospheric reentry.SW167
high-G adaptationbiowareA bioware augmentation to allow a morph to operate in high-gravity environments.GC152
HinterlandslocationThe backcountry of Mars.SW124
Hippolyta, Mt.locationA mountain on Oberon near the Fissure Gate.EP108
HitherdrugA recreational drug that enchances sex appeal.EP320
hivegearAn advanced nanobot generator.EP328
holographic projectorgearA device capable of producing high-definition 3D images and movies.EP325
Hooverman-GeischeckerlocationA cluster habitat in the Sun's corona, focused on research. Most open of the corona habs. Population 4,000.SW15,EP88
homingweaponryA form of smart ammo that locks onto its target and makes flight corrections.EP338
hopper legsrobowareBot/synth legs intended to propel the user forward through strong leaps.EP310
HoreblocationA beehive habitat on an S-Type Aten asteroid.SW133
Hotel CalifornialocationA beehive habitat in the Earth-Luna L4 point.SW72
hovercraftrobowareBot/synth mobility via air cushion.EP310
Howling PlainlocationA windy region of Luca II in which Banshee is located.GC107
Hub, ThelocationThe most vibrant district of Pathfinder City.GC59
Hyblaeus ChasmalocationA canyonland on Mars in which Elysium is situated.SW119
Hyblaeus CitylocationA district of Elysium, Mars, big in entertainment.SW121
HyodenlocationThe largest city-state on Callisto, with two million residents.EP99
hypercorp A decentralized, non-assed-based legal business entity. Hypercorps are flexible and adaptive and employ few transhumans compared to their predecessors.EP70
Hypercorp CouncillocationThe true governing power of the Plantary Consortium.SW145
hyperdense exoskeletongearA heavy industrial exowalker.EP344
hyperelite A general term for the immortal, wealthy upper class, frequently associated with hypercorps and inner-system plutocracy.EP26
hyperlinguistbiowareA mental augmentation allowing the rapid learning and use of languages.EP301
HyperionlocationAn uninhabited moon of Saturn.EP104
Hyundai TransportcorpHypercorp. A leading designer of personal transport vehicles.SW136
IapetuslocationA Saturine moon, its main settlement being Analect.EP104
iceteroid An asteroid made mostly from ice rather than rock or metal.EP26
IktomialienName given to the mysterious alien race whose relics have been found beyond the Pandora gates.GC89
IlmarinenlocationA beehive/cluster habitat on the L4 Neptune-Sun asteroid Greymere. One-time owners of the Discord Gate.GC67,EP108
Ilyanovich, VanyapersonAn AGI involved with the quarantined Caloris 18 station on Mercury.EP88
immunogenic systemgearAn armor enhancement to counter toxins and nanotoxins.EP313
ImpianlocationA Cole habitat on an S-Type Amor asteroid.SW133
implanted nanotoxinsnanowareNanoware allowing the transmittal of nanotoxins through a scratch or other contact.EP308
indenture An indentured servant who has contracted their labor to a hypercorp or other authority, usually in exchange for a morph.EP26
industrial armorrobowareRobo/synth armor intended to protect against heavy use and accidents.EP310
InhibitordrugA drug that suppresses psi abilities.EP325
inflatable boatvehicleA 18kg advanced-material boat that can float 750kg.GC164
infolife AGIs and seed AIs.EP26
infomorphmorphA digitized ego; a virtual body or lack of body. AKA: datamorph, upload, backup.EP145,EP245
Infrastructure Worker's AssociationpoliticalA de-facto trade union on Mars.SW104
IWApoliticalInfrastructure Worker's AssociationSW104
infugee "Informorph refugee", someone who left everything behind on Earth during the Fall -- even their own body.EP26
injectornanobotA form of nanobot intended to inject a drug, chemical, or toxin into victims.EP329
Innsmouth NightsentertainmentA horror-genre MARG.SW154
Intelligent Design CrewpoliticalA criminal organization focused on electronic crimes. HQ: Rhea. AKA: ID CrewEP83
interceptorrobotA fast, armed robot enforcing the Interdiction.SW169
Interdiction The tightly-enforced cordon preventing visits to Earth. Tales persist that it can be bypassed, though not without risk.SW48
IntrospectlocationA ExoTech torus station at the Mars-Sun L5.SW135
InvatchcorpA conglomerate of small pod-manufacturing hypercorps.SW146
invisibility cloakgearClothing that creates a refractive visible field for stealth.EP316
IolocationJovian moon with scattered low-population habitats, due to high radiation.EP99
ionic propulsionrobowareBot/synth propulsion through ionization and hydrodynamics for lift.EP310
i-repreputationThe reputation score within The Eye reputation list.EP286
isolate An ego that lives in isolated communities far outside the central solar system (in the Kuiper Belt and Oort Cloud). AKA: outsters, fringers.EP26
IsraexolocationA domed habitat on Portal.GC122
Ishtar TerralocationA region of northern highlands on Venus.EP90
Ithaca ChasmalocationA huge valley on Tethys.EP105
iZululocationA crowded beehive habitat on Saturn's moon Pan.EP104
Jaehon OffworldcorpA hypercorp. Owns Cannon on Mercury.SW20
jamslangThe act of "becoming" a teleoperated drone thanks to XP technology. Also sometimes applied to accessing the real-time XP feed from lifeloggers and others or to a projectile that jams communications.EP26
jammer roundweaponryAmmo intended to disrupt communication.EP337
Janks-YaolocationA working-persons residential neighborhood in Olympus.SW110
JanuslocationA moonlet between the F and G rings of Saturn, along with Epimethus. Home of the Twelve Commons habitats.EP103
Janus CommonlocationA habitat in the Twelve Commons.EP103
Jing, YangpersonPlanetary Consortium candidate.SW140
Jovian RepublicpoliticalA political bloc headquartered on Ganymede (Jupiter). AKA: the Jovian Junta (to outsiders).EP75
JuicedrugA recreational drug that is a strong anti-depressant.EP321
JunkyardlocationA shell of space debris orbiting Earth.SW65
JupiterlocationMajor Solar planet.EP97
Just in CaseexolocationA terrestrial exoplanet accessible through Sol several gates, connecting to the Basilica Gate in its system.GC101
Kaos AIAIAn AI meant to create distractions and cause sabotage.EP332
KickdrugA combat drug that decreases response time.EP319
Kilimanjaro beanstalklocationEarth's remaining space elevator.EP90
Kim, SagepersonCaptain of the Elysium Rangers on Mars.SW104
Kirs-BrookleylocationA glamorous district of Elysium, Mars.SW121
KissingerlocationThe new Jovian name for the minor Jupiter satellite Carme.EP98
kitemorphA flying synthmorph with the ability to adapt to different atmospheres and gravities. AKA: multifliersGC150
KlardrugA cognitive drug that boosts alertness, clarity, and perception.EP318
KlendingsbruglocationA prominent bridge and neighborhood in Noctis, Mars.SW117
Korolev CraterlocationA deep crater on Mars, home of many nomads.SW125
Korolev ShipyardslocationA cluster shipbuilding station in lunar orbit. AKA: The Yard.SW88
kroner A social money issued by by Titanians, used for public works.GC61
Kronos ClusterlocationA major habitat orbiting Saturn's moon Rhea.EP105
Kronos Port AuthoritycorpA security firm in Kronos.EP105
KPAcorpKronos Port AuthorityEP105
KryptonexolocationA terrestrial exoplanet accessible via the Martian Gate, now a tourist trap.GC102
Kuiper BeltlocationA region of space extending from Neptune's orbit out to about 55AU, lightly populated with asteroids, comets, and dwarf planets.EP109
Kuypers-LalleylocationA neighborhood in Qianjiao, Mars.SW117
L1locationThe Lagrange Point midway between two objects.
L2locationThe Lagrange Point beyond the smaller of the two objects on the line between them.
L3locationThe Lagrange Point beyond the larger of the two objects on the line between them.
L4locationThe Lagrange Point in the orbit of the smaller object but 60 degrees ahead.
L5locationThe Lagrange Point in the orbit of the smaller object but 60 degrees behind.
Lagrange PointlocationOne of five areas in respect to a planetary body orbiting a larger one in which the gravitation forces those two bodies are neutralized. Lagrange points are considered stable and ideal locations for habitats.EP26
land anemoneanimalA native animal of Echo IV.GC172
Laporte, CormacpersonCurrent mayor of Elysium, Mars.SW122
Large ColliderlocationThe largest particle accelerator, situated on Titan.EP106
large jetvehicleA 150-passenger jet with cruising speed of 1,100kph.GC164
large lander & orbit transfer vehiclevehicleA large surface-to-orbit spacecraftEP348
LLOTVvehiclelarge lander & orbit transfer vehicleEP348
laser-guidedweaponryA form of smart ammo that corrects flight to hit a target painted with an aiming laser.EP338
laser linkcommunicationsA line-of-sight private communications link.EP313
laser pulserweaponryA medium-sized beam weapon.EP338
LassiterexolocationA vaguely-rumored exo-location.GC104
lateral linebiowareBioware allowing detection of low-frequency sound and pressures.SW166
Leong AdmintechcorpAn administrative and logistics outfitter in New Dazhai, Mars.SW124
Les GoulespoliticalA criminal organization on Mars trading in bodies.SW107
LibertylocationThe largest habitat on Ganymede, with seven million residents.EP99
lidarrobowareAn active robotic sense using laser light and reflection.EP311
lifelog A recording of one's entire life experience, made possible due to near unlimited computer memory.EP26
life support packgearA vacsuit with a useful wearing time of weeks rather than hours.GC159
light combat armorrobowareBot/synth armor intended for police and security work.EP310
LinkstatedrugA narcoalgorithm that networks and samples amplified XP feeds.EP323
Liquid ThermitechemicalA chemical that burns at a very high heat, melting through most materials.EP323
Little ArgentinalocationA Jovian neighborhood in Pontes, Mars orbit.SW127
Little ShanghailocationA low-end sector outside New Shanghai, Mars.SW113
Liu, TeilhardpersonA famous programmer-armsman on Locus.EP101
lockbotrobotA custom, expensive AI or indendured infomorph integrated into a barrier. Lockbots are difficult to fool or override.EP292
LocuslocationThe largest cluster habitat, in Jupiter's L5 Trojans.EP101
Lonely MountainlocationA beehive station on an M-Type Amor asteroid.SW134
Long ArraylocationA 150km-high communications array on Dione.EP103
loonieslangslang, an inhabitant of Luna. The term is insulting when used by an outsider but is frequently used by one lunar inhabitant referring to another.EP26
Lost One of the Lost Generation.EP26
Lost Generation A generation of children that were reared using forced-growth methods in an effort to repopulate post-Fall. The results were disaterous: many died or went insane, and the rest were stigmatized.EP26
Lost Horizons SocietypoliticalA society in Elysium, Mars, rumored to have developed an illegal seed AI.SW121
Los ZetaspoliticalA prominent Mexican drug cartel displaced from Earth.SW132
Lot 49locationA cluster habitat in Jupiter's L4 Greeks.EP102
lottery Usually refering to one of the gatecrashing lotteries, where normal citizens vie for the chance to discover a new world.GC22
Lotus ClubpoliticalAn exclusive club for the hyperelite and top metacelebrities.SW155
lotus coatinggearAn armor coating that repels liquids.EP313
low pressure tolerancebiowareA physical augmentation to reduce the damaging effects of low pressure environments.SW166
Love & Rage CollectivepoliticalAn autonomist organization in loose charge of the Fissure Gate.GC64
LucaexolocationAn exosolar star system with a terrestrial planet (Luca II).GC105
Luca IIexolocationAn inhabitable planet in the Luca system, site of terraforming.GC106
LucanalienAn extinct pre-industrial alien found on Luca II.GC107
LuciferlocationA Venusian aerostat overseeing surface mining.SW36
Lucky Star GroupcorpA conglomerate of small electronics-related hypercorps.SW146
LukoscorpA now-defunct corp involved with Caloris 18.EP88
LuminalocationA hypercorp base in perpetual sunlight on Mercury.SW21
LunalocationEarth's moon, home to 40 million.SW77
Lunar FlyermorphA winged biomorph based on the Exalt, primarily found on Luna.SW162
Lunar-Lagrange AlliancepoliticalA political bloc covering habitats of Luna and Earth's Lagrange points.EP75,SW65
LLApoliticalLunar-Lagrange AllianceEP75,SW65
Lunar-Lagrange Alliance Civil OrganizationpoliticalThe major crime syndicate in Earth orbit. More commonly known as "The Organization".SW68
LLACOpoliticalLunar-Lagrange Alliance Civil OrganizationSW68
Lu XinglocationProsperity Group's research station orbiting Mars.SW127
Ma'adim Research ParklocationAn impressive set of research facilities near the Martian Gate.GC58
Ma'adim VallislocationA deep canyon system on Mars. Site of the Martian Gate.SW124
Maartens, AlaricpersonAssassinated resleeving doctor of the Oaxaca-Maartens family.SW122
Maartens, LeandrapersonOne of the biggest media stars in Mars.SW122
Maartens, ManishapersonMedia-beloved widow of Alaric Maartens.SW122
Machu PicchulocationA minor Venusian aerostat with randomly-rotating leadership.SW37
magistrate A member of the backcountry judiciary on Mars.SW104
maglev The class of high-speed magnetic levitation trains connecting Martian cities.SW105,SW169
magnetic systemrobowareA bot/synth enhancement allowing adhesion to magnetic materials.EP311
MahoganylocationA unique disc habitat in Neptunian orbit, inhabited by neo-avians.EP109
Main BeltlocationThe main asteroid belt, a torus ring orbiting between Mars and Jupiter.EP26
makergearA nanofabricator specialized for food and drink.EP328
manipulator cuffrobotA wrist toolkit and independent robot manipulated via haptics.GC160
mapping missilegearA missile that can sent a rough satellite map of a world in 25-40 hours.GC156
Marathi, ThepersonMysterious magnate involved in genomics.SW149
Mare Imbriumlocation"Sea" on Luna.EP92
Mare Moscovienslocation"Sea" on Luna.EP93
Mare Nectarislocation"Sea" on Luna.EP92
Mare Vaporum Circumlunar People's RepubliclocationA large O'Neill cylinder in lunar orbit.SW89
Markess, TatepersonExecutive Director of the Earth Reclamation Project.SW70
MarkovlocationAn argonaut stronghold somewhere in the outer system.EP109
MarslocationFourth major Sol planet, home to 200 million.SW96
Mars Department of TransportationpoliticalMars authority over highways and flyways, though not maglev trains.SW104
MDOTpoliticalMars Department of TransportationSW104
MarseilleslocationA beehive habitat on Saturn's moon Prometheus, operated by the Titanians.EP105
Martian AlpinermorphA biomorph adapted to high-alitude Mars, though sometimes used by climbers.SW162
Martian GatelocationThe Pandora gate at Ma'adim Vallis on Mars, controlled by Pathfinder and the Planetary Consortium.GC58
Martian rovervehicleA mobile living quarters used on Mars.SW169
Martian trikevehicleA three-wheeled motorcycle used on Mars.SW170
math boostbiowareA mental augmentation allowing increased mathematical abilities.EP301
Maui Patera Rehabilitation CenterlocationA notorious prison on Io.EP99
McAllenlocationThe new Jovian name for the minor Jupiter satellite Thebe.EP98
McClintocklocationEcologene's small base orbiting Mars.SW127
MeathablocationA unique art habitat in Saturn orbit.EP104
Mechamash!entertainmentA fighting robot MARG.SW154
medichinenanowareA common form of nanoware meant to monitor and fix biological disease and toxin. Ineffective against nanodrugs and nanotoxins.EP308
Medusan ShieldcorpA private security company with wide reach.EP56
mekentertainmentTo have combat between robots or synths on an asteroid, a popular sport in the Trojans.EP100
meme A viral idea.EP26
Memory HolelocationA torus habitat at the Mars-Sun L4.SW135
mental speednanowareNanoware that redesigns neural patterns to increase thinking and perceptual speed.EP308
mentonmorphA transhuman optimized for mental and cognitive ability, including learning ability, creativity, attentiveness, and memory.EP139
mercurialpoliticalA non-human sentient elements of the transhuman "family", including AGIs and uplifted animals.EP81
MercurylocationMajor Sol planet.SW17
Mercury SuitgearPersonal suit enabling survival on Mercury's surface.SW168
merge To re-integrate an ego with a previously-spawned fork.EP275
Mesh The omnipresent wireless mesh data network. Also used as a verb (to mesh) and adjective (meshed or unmeshed).EP236
Mesh ID The unique signature attached to one's Mesh activities.EP246
metacelebrityentertainmentA unique customized celebrity morph, often inhabited by several egos over time.EP52
microbot A bot the size of a dust mote or small insect.EP328
microbuggearA 1mm camera and microphone, used for espionage.EP316
microgravity Zero-G or near weightless environments.EP26
micrograv shoegearFootwear that allows normal walking in micrograv environments.EP325
microlightrobowareVarious forms of bot/synth propulsion intended for microgravity.EP310
microswarm A mass of microbots.EP328
microwave agonizerweaponryA beam weapon typically intended to induce burning pain, though it can be used to cause damage.EP339
MimaslocationA moon of Saturn, home of Harmonious Anarchy.EP104
miniature radio farcastercommunicationsA small quantum farcaster that can communicate securely with others with which it is entangled.EP314
Ministry, ThelocationThe hypercorp's legislative branch in Planetary Consortium.SW144
Mi'RajexolocationA domed habitat on Portal, enclosing the six Gates on the planet.GC123
MishipizheuexolocationAn exosolar ocean planet.GC108
mission recordergearA mini-sized spime that records gatecrasher mission data.GC154
mist The clouds of AR data that sometimes fog up your perception or displays.EP248
MitrelocationA cluster location in lunar orbit, inner-system home of the Argonauts.SW89
MMX-EspaçocorpA mining corp with interests on Lonely Mountain.SW134
mnemonic augmentationcyberwareCyberware allowing the recording and recall of all sensory data.EP307
mobile basevehicleA self-mobile and semi-permanent shelter dome.GC164
mobile labgearA handheld chemical analysis scanner.EP330
mobility framevehicleA lightweight exoskeleton that enhances speed and endurance.GC164
MockingbirdexolocationA nearly-destroyed domed colony on Rorty.SW124
ModeratespoliticalA criminal organization on Mars trading in firearms.SW109
modular designrobowareA bot design allowing aggregation of similar models into a more complex machine.EP311
Mono No AwaredrugA depressant that induces a meditative state.EP320
monofilament swordweaponryA self-sharpening, long-bladed melee weapon.EP334
MonogahelalocationA river in the Valles region of Mars.SW113
monowire garroteweaponryA high-tech but weak wire slicing weapon.EP334
Montmorency CascadelocationA 200m carbonfall on Titan from Montmorency Lacus.EP106
Montmorency LacuslocationA crater lake of ethane and methane on Titan.EP106
MoravecexolocationA terrestrial exoplanet accessible via the Pandora Gate.GC109
MoravecianalienMember of the extinct intelligent race on Moravec.GC109
Morningstar ConstellationpoliticalA political bloc including most Venusian concerns.EP75,SW27
morph A physical body. AKA: suit, jacket, sleeve, shell, form.EP26
morph brokerage A service for aquiring and trading morphs.EP331
morph fever A particular trauma suffered by asyncs forced into a infomorph, pod, or synthmorph.EP220
motegearA microcomputer meant to be spread over an area with many others to provide an ad-hoc mesh network.GC154
MoustierlocationAn independent O'Neill cylinder at the Mars-Sun L5.SW135
MRDRdrugA combat drug that increases pain tolerance, speed, and strength.EP319
M-Type A metallic asteroid.SW132
multiple personalitiesbiowareA mental augmentation allowing the purposeful storage and switching between multiple personalities.EP301
multi-taskingcyberwareCyberware allowing the creation of multiple short-term forks to handle multiple activities simultaneously.EP307
MuirlocationA small lunar outpost, showcase of preservationist efforts.SW88
muscle augmentationbiowareBioware to increase strength and muscle mass.EP305
muse A personal AI helper or assistant program.EP47,EP244
myst tree An alien-constructed cloud of nanofog thought to be a storage device.GC124
NanabozhoexolocationA moon of Mishipizheu I, reachable by the Discord Gate.GC108
NanjinglocationA river in the Valles region of Mars.SW113
nanobandage A small nanobot generator that can treat injury, illness, poisoning, etc.EP333
nanobot A nano-scale machine, individually invisible to the naked eye.EP328
nanodetector A device that sucks in air and debris in order to detect nanobots.EP327
nanodrug A form of temporary nanobot infestation that applies a specific effect.EP317
nano-ecologypoliticalA pro-tech ecological movement.EP81
nanofabricator A machine that can assemble and manufacture almost anything, given raw materials and a blueprint.EP284,EP327
nanophagenanowareNanoware that can destroy nanodrugs and nanotoxins.EP309
nanoscopic visionrobowareA robotic sense allowing examination of nano-scale objects.EP311
NanosyscorpA consortium of nanotech hypercorps.SW146
nanoswarm A mass of tiny nanobots unleashed into an environment.EP328
nanotag The process of marking a physical intruder with a taggant.EP292
nanotat A set of embedded identity information in a persons index finger.EP279,EP310
nanotoxin A nanobot infestation that produces effects similar to a toxin.EP317
narcoalgorithm A software program that induces a drug-like effect on infomorphs, cyberbrains, simulmorphs, and AIs.EP317
NeanderthalmorphA biomorph based on Neanderthal DNA.SW162
NecrosistoxinA potentially-lethal nanotoxin that attacks biomorph tissue.EP324
NectarlocationLuna's largest city. AKA: NectarisSW86
NeemdrugA cognitive drug that enchances memory retention.EP318
neo-avianmorphAn uplift or biomorph based on terrestrial avian species. Includes ravens, crows, and grey parrots.EP141
neo-BuddhismpoliticalA new religion embracing transhumanism.EP82
neo-hominidmorphAn uplifted or biomorph chimpanzee, gorilla, or orangutan. Neo-hominids feature enhanced intelligence and bipedal frames.EP141
neo-primitivistpoliticalA political movement advocating the abolition of technological society.EP80
neo-SynergistpoliticalMember of a movement favoring a group mind. Originally developed on exoplanet Synergy.SW34
neotenicmorphA transhuman modified to retain a child-like form. Smaller, more agile, inquisitive, and less resource-depleting, they make ideal inhabitants of habitats and spacecraft.EP141
NeptunelocationMajor Solar planet.EP108
Nervex A potent nerve agent inducing muscular paralysis.EP324
neurachembiowareBioware that can increase speed of thought and action.EP305
neural pruning The process of trimming features or memories from an ego to make a beta or delta fork.EP274
NeuropathtoxinA nanotoxin designed to induce agonizing pain.EP324
neutrino communicatorgearA large, high-power communication device that cannot be blocked but is easily tapped.EP314
neutrino retreatgearA portable unit that can receive periodic ego backups and emergency backups.GC154
New DazhailocationA domed city on Mars, 350,000 residents.SW124
New Mumbai Containment ZonelocationA forbidden zone around a destroyed exsurgent lunar colony.SW93
New PittsburghlocationA city in the Valles region of Mars.SW115
New QuebeclocationA habitat on Titan known for morph production.EP106
New ShanghailocationA major city on Mars in the Valles region, home to 37 million.SW112
New VaranasilocationImpressive temple district in Shackle (Luna).EP93
Nguyen's CompactlocationA Cole habitat in Saturn's rings, part of the Twelve Commons.EP103
Night CartelpoliticalA criminal organization, legit in some habitats. HQ: New Sicily (The Belt)EP83
nightmarescorcherA form of scorcher that induces anxiety and panic attacks.EP332
NimbuscorpA hypercorp specializing in electronics, mesh systems, farcasting, and communicationsEP72,SW34
Nine LivespoliticalA criminal cartel of soul-traders based in Legma (Main Belt).EP83
Ninjinsky SquarelocationA decadent gallery and theatre district in New Shanghai, Mars.SW113
NirvanaexolocationA free-floating gate orbiting a pulsar, accessible via the Martian Gate.GC112
NixonlocationThe new Jovian name for the minor Jupiter satellite Ananke.EP98
NoctislocationA major domed city on Mars in the Valles region. 13 million residents. Adjacent to Qianjiao.SW116
Noctis LabyrinthuslocationRiver basin on Mars.EP93
Noctis-QianjiaolocationTwin cities in the Valles region of Mars.SW116
Noctis TablelandslocationChaotic mesa terrain in the vicinity of Noctis, Mars.SW116
nomad A roaming, independent resident of Mar's plains.SW101
Noonday MiningcorpA mining company on Mercury.SW19
Norne, GiapersonGeneral Secretary of Oversight.SW152
Northern PlainslocationA windswept region of Mars, mostly uninhabited.SW101
nostalgia jewelry Jewelry which prominently displays a token from pre-Fall Earth, usually a coin or stamp.EP41
NóttexolocationAn icy moon orbiting an exoplanet owned by Pathfinder.GC114
NottinghamlocationAn upscale neighborhood in Progress, Mars orbit.SW127
NotWaterchemicalA liquid chemical fire retardant that does not get objects wet.EP323
novacrabmorphA pod created from genetically-engineered spider crab stock. Well-adapted to life in space and extreme environments.EP142
NovafirecorpA security corp with contracts to guard the Vulcanoid Gate.GC57
Nova YorklocationA large near-weightless habitat on Metis in the Main Belt.EP97
nuclear batterygearAn expensive form of battery that can last 3-100 years, based on decay rate.GC155
NutcrackertoxinA nanotoxin designed to destroy a cortical stack.EP324
NyhavenlocationA domed habitat on Titan in the Xanadu region, 12 million residents.EP107
NytrondheimlocationA cosmopolitan city in the Valles region of Mars.SW115
Oaxacaa, Hyannis, & WalescorpAn Elysium law firm specializing in biotech.SW122
Oaxaca, HectorpersonThe prolific IP lawyer in Elysium, Mars.SW122
Oaxaca-Maartens, ZevipersonHead of a prominent family in Elysium, Mars.SW120
OberonlocationUranian moon, home of Chat Noir and the Fissure Gate.EP108
O'ConnorcorpA robotics corporation in Noctis, Mars.SW116
OctavialocationVenus' largest aerostat and de-facto spaceport.SW34
octomorphmorphAn uplift biomorph based on an Earth octopus. Octomorphs are well adapted to zero-G environments.EP141
offensive armorgearA coating on armor intended to shock anyone who touches it.EP313
Offworld ConsortiumcorpPredecessor to Planetary Consortium.SW141
OCcorpOffworld ConsortiumSW141
OlafexolocationA potentially artificial planet still protected by active defenses.GC116
OlympianmorphA transhuman biomorph modified for athleticism and endurance. Common among athletes, dancers, freerunners, and soldiers.EP140
OlympuslocationA major city on Mars in the caldera of Olympus Mons. Minor domes and tin cans, now somewhat a ghost town.SW109
Olympus Infrastructure AuthoritycorpHypercorp controlling the Martian space elevator.SW111,SW147
OIAcorpOlympus Infrastructure AuthoritySW111,SW147
Olympus MonslocationThe massive Martian shield volcano, 27km high. Site of Olympus.SW109
OmnicorcorpA hypercorp specializing in nanofabrication, chemicals, energy, anti-matter.EP72
Ontario LacuslocationA wide, shallow methane sea on Titan.EP106
O'Neill cylinderhabitatA soda-can-shaped habitat, spun for gravity.EP281
Oort CloudlocationThe spherical "cloud" of comets surrounding the Solar System out to one light-year from the sun.EP109
oraclenanowareSensory-enhancing and memory-enhancing nanoware which spreads attention away from the focus.EP309
Orbital HashdrugA recreational drug derived from marijuana.EP320
OctanimalA insectoid creature on Luca II which the Lucans hunted.GC107
Organization, ThepoliticalThe more common name of the Lunar-Lagrange Alliance Civil Organization.SW68
Organizer, ThepoliticalInformal name for the head of the Organization.SW68
OsirislocationA district of Qianjiao.SW117
Out'sterpoliticalA loose political movement centered in the Oort Cloud.EP80
overhumanismpoliticalA movement where refined humans will rule over the lesser, unimproved.GC66
overloadweaponryA form of grenade or seeker that intends to overwhelm the senses.EP340
OverlookexolocationA rocky moon orbiting Arcadia, home of the local Gate.GC75
OversightpoliticalThe corporate governance body of the Planetary Consortium.SW150
oxygen reservecyberwareCyberware providing three hours worth of breathable oxygen from an embedded tank.EP308
Oxytoxin-AtoxinA toxin that induces trust and lack of critical judgment.EP324
P/2019locationAn extinct Aten comet.SW137
Pai GowcorpA private security company, courtesy the 14K Triad.SW136
PalazzolocationThe government district of Elysium, Mars.SW120
PalembenglocationA dangerous district in Elysium, Mars.SW121
Pan (moon)locationSaturn's moon Pan is home of the iZulu habitat.EP104
PandoralocationSaturn's outer shepard moon, home of Gateway and the Pandora Gate.EP104
Pandora GatelocationSpecifically, the Gate on Pandora, a moon of Saturn, run by Gatekeeper.GC60
Pandora Gate (general) A wormhole gateway left behind by the TITANs. Five are known within the Solar System.EP46
ParadiselocationA torus resort habitat in the Earth-Sun L1 point.SW73,EP91
particle beam bolterweaponryA high-energy beam rifle.EP339
passenger airshipvehicleA huge airship used for inter-aerostat transport by Venusians.SW170
passenger balloonvehicleA small lighter-than-air vehicle used by Venusians.SW170
PathfindercorpA hypercorp specializing in exoplanet colonization, mining, and research.EP73,SW153,GC58
Pathfinder CitylocationA staging area for colonization efforts through the Martian Gate. Occupies one wall of the Gusev Crater.SW125
Pathfinder Colonization Initiative The Pathfinder subsidiary promoting exoplanet colonization.SW153
PCI Pathfinder Colonization InitiativeSW153
Payne, JohnpersonA lawyer with the IWA.SW104
PavartilocationA Venusian aerostat specializing in the pleasure industry and legally-grey activities.SW36
Pax FamilaepoliticalA criminal orgainization based on Ambelina (Venus).EP84
PecoscorpThe security firm in charge of New Dazhai, Mars.SW124
Peg TowerslocationA set of modular skyscrapers and habitats in Qianjiao, Mars.SW118
Pembroke GardenslocationA residential neighborhood of Noctis City, Mars with heavy Guanxi influence.SW117
Penrose StationexolocationA research station near the Hekate black hole.GC120
personal area network The network created when you slave all your minor electronics to your ecto or mesh inserts.EP241
PAN personal area networkEP241
personal power plantnanowareA personal enhancement that can provide food and vitamins to a biomorph for years.GC153
PetaldrugA narrative, hallucinogenic nanodrug, typically hijacking sensory tech. Hundreds of varieties exist. Usually takes the form of a eaten flower petal.EP322
Pex StationlocationA Consortium torus habitat at the Mars-Sun L2.SW137
pharming To produce pharmaceuticals from transgenic creatures.EP73
PhaethonlocationA beehive habitat on an S-Type Amor asteroid.SW134
PharoslocationGo-nin's gate on Dysnomia, orbiting Eris and the Discord Gate.GC65
Phelan's Da A hated beer from Phelan's Recourse.EP105
Phelan's Ma A widely-sought whiskey from Phelan's Recourse.EP105
Phelan's RecourselocationA free nomadic habitat orbiting Saturn on a high ecliptic orbit.EP105
PhoboslocationThis Martian moon now has bases for many corps, especially Cognite.SW126
PhoebelocationA minor Saturn moon, now repositioned for Titan's defense.EP107
PhlodrugA combat drug that increases alertness and coordination.EP319
piercingbiowareCosmetic piercing, frequently with smart shapechanging materials.EP310
PinochetlocationThe new Jovian name for the minor Jupiter satellite Himalia.EP98
Pilsener CitylocationA small domed agricultural city on Mars.SW124
Planetary CongresspoliticalPeople's legislature of the Planetary Consortium.SW144
Planetary ConsortiumpoliticalThe largest inner-system political bloc. Democratic on the surface, but many suspect it is run by inner system hypercorps.EP76,SW67
Planetary Stock ExchangecorpThe largest inner system stock exchange.SW150
planimal A lifeform with a genetic mix of animal and plant genes.GC151
plasmaburstweaponryA form of grenade or seeker that causes searing heat damage.EP341
plasma cuttergearA cutting and evacuation tool, and makeshift weapon.GC159
plasma rifleweaponryA high-energy man-portable weapon.EP339
plastic roundweaponryNonlethal impact ammo.EP338
pleasure podmorphA pod especially optimized for intimate entertainment purposes.EP142
pneumatic limbsrobowareA robotic enhancement allowing strong leaping.EP311
podmorphMixed biological-synthetic morphs. Pod clones are force-grown and feature computer brains. AKA: bio-bots, skinjobs, replicants. From "Pod People"EP142
Pohl Research LabslocationA set of well-respected exoplanet research labs near the Pandora Gate.GC63
poison glandbiowareBioware allowing the secretion and delivery of poisons via an internal gland.EP305
police baboonanimalA semi-intelligent police assistant.SW168
PonteslocationA O'Neill cylinder orbiting Mars.SW127
portable sensorgearA small portable or wearable sensor system.EP325
portable solarchivegearLocal mesh storage on one particular topic.GC156
PortalexolocationAn exoplanet accessible to several gates.GC122
PortmanteaulocationA small town near Elysium, Mars. HQ of the Portmaneau rangers.SW121
posthuman A human or transhuman individual or species that has been genetically or cognitively modified so extensively as to no longer be human (a step beyond human). AKA: parahuman.EP27
Pournelle, OrsonpersonMagnate, former owner of the Panamanian elevator on Earth.SW149
powersuitvehicleA sealed, powered exoskeleton with strength enhancement and life support.GC164
prehensile feetbiowareFavored in zero-G, this bioware allows the feet to be used as manipulators as well as the hands.EP305
prehensile tailbiowareA bioware-provided tail capable of manipulation and balance improvements.EP305
preservationistpoliticalA social movement that calls for minimal impact methods when settling new worlds.EP82
pressure tentgearA 2-4 person tent with pressure and heating.SW168
prisoner maskgearA hood that blocks vision and radio.EP316
ProfundalocationThe largest habitat on Enceladus, a beehive.EP103
ProgresslocationSmall Marian moon Deimos was cut into this cylindrical Cole habitat.SW125
Progress BankcorpThe most influential bank in the Planetary Consortium.SW150
Progress Station SecuritypoliticalThe Police force of Progress, Mars Orbit.SW127
PSSpoliticalProgress Station SecuritySW127
Project OzmapoliticalA rumored successor to SETI with unknown objectives.EP85
PrometheanpoliticalA member of a group of transhuman seed AIs that were supposedly created by the Lifeboat Project (precursors to the argonauts) years before TITANs became self-aware. The Prometheans (mostly) avoided the Exsurgent infection. They are rumored to back Firewall and work to defeat existential threats.EP85
PrometheuslocationSaturn's moon Prometheus is home to the Marseilles habitat.EP105
Prosperity GroupcorpA hypercorp specializing in agriculture, aquaculture, and pharmaceuticals.EP73,SW147
proteannanobotA form of nanobot intended to deconstruct materials and produce a single device.EP329
proximityweaponryA form of smart ammo that can explode if it gets sufficiently close to the target.EP338
proxy A member of the Firewall internal structureEP85
psi Parapsychological powers acquired due to infection by the Watts-MacLeod strain of the Exsurgent virus.EP220
psi jammergearA field that suppresses psi activity within 20m.EP316
Psike-OutdrugA drug that enhances existing psi abilities.EP325
Psi-OpenerdrugA drug variant of the Watts-MacLeod strain that induces rudimentary psi ablities.EP325
psychosurgery Using machine-aided psychological techniques to repair, damage, or manipulate the psyche.EP229,EP331
PtahlocationSkinaethesia's small base orbiting Mars.SW127
puppet sockcyberwareCyberware allowing another to teleoperate a morph.EP307
QianjiaolocationA domed city in the Martian Valles region. Adjacent to Noctis.SW117
Qing LonglocationAn O'Neill cylinder at the Mars-Sun L5. A major underworld haven.SW136
Q-MorphmorphA high-temperature synthmorph designed for Venusian mining.SW163
quantum computergearA hyper-parallel computer useful in codebreaking.EP316
quantum-entanglement communicatorcommunicationsAn exorbitantly expensive form of FTL communication.EP315
quantum farcastergearAn expensive form of communication with no signal degradation and high security. Still limited by the speed of light.EP314
QuartetlocationA collection of four torus habitats in orbit between Mercury and the Sun.SW17
QurainlocationA ruined city on Mars in the TQZ.SW128
RalocationA cluster habitat in the vulcanoids. AKA: V/2014SW17
Rabin, XanderpersonLeader of Gatekeeper Corporation.EP72
radarrobowareAn active robotic sense using radio or microwave radiation.EP311
radiation shieldingrobowareRobotic enhancement guarding against radiation.SW167
radio boostercommunicationsA device enhancing the range of ubiquitous radio device transmittals.EP314
Rail EoscorpA maglev company on Mars.SW105
RAND Think TankcorpA research firm headquartered in Solano.EP98
rangerpoliticalPlanet-wide backcountry sheriff force on Mars.SW104
radiation sensecyberwareCyberware providing awareness of neutron and particle radiation.EP306
radio beacongearA 150km range radio transmitter usually used to mark a gatecrasher team's finds.GC154
reactive roundweaponryA form of projectile that releases energy when subjected to a sudden shock or impact.EP338
reactive coatinggearA nanobot coating intended to disrupt incoming projectiles.EP313
Reagan cylinderhabitatA habitat similar to a O'Neill cylinder but carved from a spinning asteroid. AKA: sarcophagus habs.EP86
reapermorphA common combat bot, usually teleoperated or run by autonomous AI.EP144
reclaimerpoliticalA member of a transhuman faction that seeks to lift the interdiction and reclaim Earth.EP82,SW69
recon flyerrobotA small jetted balloon used for recon, frequently deployed in a microswarm.GC161
recon hopperrobotA mini-robot used to scout surface terrain, frequently deployed in a microswarm.GC161
recon snakerobotA meter-long slim robot used to explore tight spaces.GC162
Red Eden A major terraforming project on Mars.SW104
Red FivecorpA media company headquartered Nytrondheim, Mars.SW115
Red NortherncorpA maglev company on Mars.SW105
reflex boosterscyberwareSuperconductors embedded into the spinal column to improve reactions and speed.EP308
refractive glazinggearAn armor coating that improves its protection against energy weapons.EP313
redneckslangA rural Martian. AKA: RedEP93
remademorphA humanoid biomorph favored by the Ultimates. AKA Human 2.0, remades have been re-engineered as an improved species (or so some say).EP141
RemembrancelocationAn O'Neill cylinder in the Earth-Luna L4 point, center of the LLA.SW73
RenrakubruglocationA bridge and neighborhood in Noctis, Mars.SW117
repair spraygearA fixer nanobot generator.EP333
reputation The coin of social currency, a score within a reputation list.EP287
reputation list An online social network which reflects the feedback (via reputation score) on a person's activities with respect to the members and goals of that network.EP287
Research Network AffiliationreputationThe reputation list used by argonauts, technologists, scientists, and researchers.EP286
RNAreputationResearch Network AffiliationEP286
resleeve To change bodies, or being downloaded into a new one. AKA: remorphing, reincarnation, shifting, rebirthing.EP270
respirocytenanowareA form of nanoware that increases oxygen and carbon dioxide transfer.EP309
retreiverrobotA car-size robot used in recovery of failed gatecrasher missions.GC162
RhealocationSaturn's moon Rhea is orbited by the Kronos Cluster.EP105
ripwingmorphAn avian pod biomorph along the lines of a pterosaur.GC151
RiseRobotscorpA robotics corporation in Noctis, Mars.SW116
RittermarkcorpA security firm in Elysium, Mars.SW121
robomulerobotA flexible load-carrying robot used in gatecrashing.GC162
rocket packgearA backpack allowing limited flight.EP345
rollerrobowareBot/synth propulsion by forming into a ball or wheel.EP310
RookpersonA mysterious oligarch.SW149
RortyexolocationA terrestrial exoplanet accessible via the Discord Gate.GC124
rotorcraftrobowareBot/synth propulsion through tilting rotating blades.EP310
rotovator An orbiting cable-boost system in construction around Venus.SW40
RoycewoodslocationAn exclusive district in Progress, Mars orbit.SW126
r-repreputationThe reputation score within the RNA reputation list.EP286
rustermorphA biomorph optimized for surface life on unimproved Mars. Rusters feature insulated skin, improved respiration, and other mods.EP141
rust houndanimalA large, transgenic dog capable of living on Mars.SW168
Ryukyu UumakuspoliticalA local criminal organization near Hellas on Mars.SW109
saboteurnanobotA form of nanobot intended to disable or sabotoge electronics or machinery in inobvious ways.EP329
salamandermorphAn exteme morph adapted to the Sun's corona, with assist from Ukko Jylina.SW163
Sapient Liberation FrontpoliticalA political movement urging rights for all sapients, especially uplifts.GC136
SaturnlocationMajor Solar planet.EP102
satnet-in-a-cangearA large piece of equipment that can launch a web of basic mapping and GPS satellites.GC154
saucerrobotA small disk-shaped robot used for scouting.EP345
SavagecorpA media company headquartered Nytrondheim, Mars.SW115
Savekar, ManjitpersonCurrent Governor General of Ashoka, Mars.SW123
scarbiowareScars are today purely ornamental.EP310
scent alterationbiowareA cosmetic bioware change to allow a biomorph to produce a certain odor.EP310
SchillinglocationThe new Jovian name for the minor Jupiter satellite Pasiphae.EP98
SchizodrugA nanodrug that induces paranoid schizophrenia.EP321
sciuridanimalA native animal of Haplopelma.GC172
Scoff A wildly popular vid on Mars, starring Leandra Maartens.SW122
scorch To inflict damage or affect a cyberbrain by a hostile program.EP261
scorcher A program that induces damage to a cyberbrain.EP332
scorcher robotrobotA mining robot used on Mercury.SW170
scourernanobotA form of nanobot meant to remove dirt and debris from an archeological site.GC160
scour ringrelicAn alien relic that deconstructs matter passing through its center.GC165
scoutnanobotA form of nanobot programmed to explore and sample an area.EP329
scout missilegearA exploration device that can return a 5km map of a region in 20 minutes.GC156
Scrapper's GelchemicalA chemical that becomes a potent acid when given an electrical charge.EP323
scumpoliticalThe nomadic faction of space punks and gypsies that travel from station to station in heavily-modified barges or swarms of ships. Notorious for being a roving black market.EP78
scum bargevehicleA loose, mobile collection of scum spacecraft and small habitats.EP67
scum blocpoliticalA political bloc focused on scum concerns.EP67
scurriermorphA pod biomorph developed from the agile sciurid.GC151
second skingearLightweight under-armor offering minimal protection.EP312
SecretariatpoliticalThe ruling body of the Tharsis League.SW104
security AIAIA weak AI mean to watch cameras, detect intrusion, etc.EP332
seed AIAIA strong AGI that is capable of recursive self-development, allowing it to reach god-like levels of intelligence.EP245
seekerweaponryA form of micromissile launcher in a variety of styles and configurations.EP339
Selene StationlocationA massive torus in lunar orbit.SW89
SelenislocationA minor Venusian aerostat with full socialist ownership laws.SW37
self-healinggearArmor that can repair itself.EP313
sentinelpoliticalAn agent of Firewall.EP84
sentry botrobotA class of robot used widely for security and defense.GC162
servitorrobotThe common household robot. Comes in a wide variety of non-humanoid forms.EP346
Setsin, NandipersonCurrent mayor of Remembrance.SW73
sex switchbiowareA bio-enhancement allowing gender changes over the period of a week.EP306
Shack, ThelocationA Venusian aerostat that constructs other aerostats.SW36
ShacklelocationLuna's second-largest city, specialized in ice mining.SW87
ShackletonlocationLunar crater, home of Shackle.EP93
shape adjustingrobowareA robotic enhancement allowing the adjustment of shape and configuration through smart materials.EP311
shard pistolweaponryA flechette spray weapon.EP341
Sheets-Patel, BrighdepersonInfamous former police chief in Noctis-Qianjiao, Mars.SW118
shellslangA synthetic physical morph. AKA: synthmorph, shellEP66
shelter domegearA form of emergency bubble with a floor four meters across.EP333
ShenlonglocationA derelict cluster habitat in Earth orbit, site of TITAN activity.SW75
shock batonweaponryAn impact melee weapon that delivers an electric shock.EP334
shock glovesweaponryBarefisted gloves that deliver an electric shock.EP334
shockproofgearArmor specially resistant to shock weapons.EP313
shredderweaponryA large-scale version of the shard pistol spray weapon.EP341
shrineentertainmentTo stealthily cover a habitat with nanotech sculpture. A Trojan pastime.EP100
Shui FongpoliticalThe triad supplying the illegal needs of indentured workers, miners, etc.EP84
ShukralocationA minor Venusian aerostat specializing in programming and vidgames.SW37
shutterscorcherA form of scorcher that blinds a sense.EP332
sifterpoliticalAn independent inhabitant of Mercury. Short for the derisive term "dirt sifter".SW19
siftrunnervehicleA small mobile habitat used by sifters on Mercury.SW170
simulmorph The avatar used in VR simulspace programs.EP241
simulspace A full-immersion virtual reality environment.EP240,EP262
simulspace subscription A service to rent out access to a particular simulspace for a period of time.EP331
Singer Institute for Biological AnomaliesexolocationA secretive research facility on Tirion. AKA "Animal Farm"GC135
SIBAexolocationSinger Institute for Biological AnomaliesGC135
Singh, JadpersonCurrent police chief in Noctis-Qianjiao, Mars.SW118
singularity A point of rapid, exponential, and recursive technological progress, beyond which the future becomes impossible to predict. Often used to refer to the ascension of seed AI to god-like levels of intelligence.EP43
singlarity seekerpoliticalA person who pursues relics and evidence of the TITANs or other possible avenues to super-intelligence, either to learn more about it or to become part of a super-intelligence themselves.EP43
SisyphuslocationA cluster habitat on an S-Type Apollo asteroid.SW134
SkathilocationA minor Saturn moon, now repositioned for Titan's defense.EP107
skillsoft A skill-providing software program used with skillware.EP309
skillwarenanowareA network of artifical neurons that allow the use of skillsofts.EP309
skinslangA biological physical morph. AKA: meat, flesh.EP27
SkinaethesiacorpA hypercorp specializing in genetics, cloning, and biotech.EP73
skindyebiowareA wide variety of permanent skin dyes are available.EP310
skinflexnanowareA form of nanoware that allows the restructing of facial features and musculature.EP309
skinlinknanowareA form of nanoware that allows instant wired connection with electronics by touch.EP309
skin pocketbiowareA bioware-provided concealment pouch in the skin.EP305
SkintheticcorpA hypercorp specializing in genetics, cloning, and biotech.EP73
skinning Changing your percieved environment via AR programming.EP240
Sky ArkexolocationAn arid moonlet orbiting an exoplanet used as an offworld animal preserve.GC126
Skyhook The Lunar Skyhook running between Selene and the lunar equator.EP92
sky moterobotA mote mounted to a miniature aerostat, intended to be a mesh relay.GC163
SkythecorpA hypercorp with interests in Cythera.SW39
sleight A psi power.EP218
SlipchemicalA virtually frictionless chemical, used on walls and in many other applications.EP323
slitheroidmorphA snake-like robotic synthmorph.EP144
small lander & orbit transfer vehiclevehicleA smaller version of the LLOTV.EP348
SLOTVvehiclesmall lander & orbit transfer vehicleEP348
smart ammoweaponryA class of projectiles that can correct their flight path or the firer's aim.EP338
smart animalanimalA partially-uplifted animal species (including dogs, cats, rats, and pigs). Some other large smart animals (whales, elephants) are nearly extinct.EP27
smart camelanimalA riding and pack animal with improved disposition.GC157
smart clothinggearClothing that can change color, texture, and cut. Can provide camoflage.EP325
smart doganimalAn improved-intelligence canine.EP330
smart dustgearEspionage nanobots.GC316
smart horseanimalA riding and pack animal with improved response to commands.GC157
smartlinkweaponrySoftware to project targeting information into the user's AR.EP342
smart magazineweaponryA weapon accessory that can choose between ammo types, at the cost of capacity.EP342
smart monkeyanimalA monkey with somewhat improved intelligence.EP330
smart ratanimalAn improved-intelligence Norway rat.EP330
smart skingearFluid skin coating that can stiffen when needed for light armor protection. EP312
smart vac clothinggearClothing that can also serve as a light vacsuit.EP325
smart wolfanimalAn improved wolf, making a good tracker and protector.GC157
snakerobowareForm of bot/synth propulsion used by slitheroids.EP310
snifferprogramA program meant to record all traffic passing through a device.EP321
socialitepoliticalA member of a socio-political movement of the ultra-rich.EP82
SollocationEarth's sun.EP86
SolanolocationThe new Jovian name for the minor Jupiter satellite Amalthea, now a sarcophagus habitat.EP98
SolariscorpA hypercorp specializing in banking, insurance, investments, futures markets, and info brokerage.EP73,SW147
solar rechargergearA portable battery recharger requiring sunlight.GC155
solar survival suitgearA personal suit allowing survival in the Sun's corona.SW168
Sol BrigadecorpA security corp charged with guarding facilities around the Vulcanoid Gate.GC57
SolemnexolocationA terrestrial exoplanet accessible via the Fissure Gate, dangerous to gear.GC128
Solid Ground InitiativepoliticalA Venusian political bloc favoring terraforming.SW33
SGIpoliticalSolid Ground InitiativeSW33
SomatekcorpA hypercorp specializing in uplifts, pharming, pharmaceuticals, and genetics.EP73
Southern HighlandslocationUplands in the south of Mars.SW101
South PudonglocationA Chinese neighborhood in New Shanghai, Mars.SW113
space elevatorvehicleOne of the tethers from planetary surface to space orbit, esp. that on Mars or the abandoned one to Earth.EP90
space roachanimalAn engineered roach the size of a small dog.EP330
sparemorphA small, cheap, lightweight portable synthetic shell.GC151
spasmscorcherA form of scorcher that induces excruciating pain.EP332
specimen containergearA container designed to hold its contents in near-statis.EP330
speckrobotA tiny insectoid spy drone.EP345
specsgearGlasses that widen visible wavelengths and provide magnification.EP325
spimegearA meshed, self-aware, location-aware device.EP238
spindlegearA fabber that produces super-strong cable.EP333
spindle climbergearA device that attaches to a spindle and can carry heavy loads quickly.EP333
splash roundweaponryA projectile that carries a payload and breaks on impact rather than penetrate.EP338
splicermorphA humanoid biomorph that is genetically modified to eliminate genetic disease and some other traits. The bulk of remaining humanity are splicers. AKA: genefixed, cleangene, tweak.EP139
spoofprogramA hacker tool meant to make commands look as if they are coming from another source.EP321
sprayweaponryA form of weaopn that blasts its ammunition out in a cone to cover an area.EP341
spray armorgearA spray-on skin armor that provides basic protection.EP313
sprayerweaponryA professional squirtgun spray weapon, more or less.EP341
Star CouncilpoliticalThe governing body of the Morningstar Constellation.SW30
Starfleet CommandentertainmentA space-opera MARG.SW154
StarwarecorpA hypercorp specializing in robotics, aerospace engineering, and habitat construction.EP74
St. Catherine TongpoliticalA violent criminal organization centered in New Quebec.EP106
steel morphmorphA synthmorpoh favored by the Lunar synthmorph movement, with variants.SW163
Stellar IntelligencecorpA hypercorp specializing in intel, data mining, info brokerage, and espionage.EP74,SW147
Sterling, MorganpersonHead of ExoTech.SW148
Stills, ThelocationA fusion-lit grain farm and distillery on Phelan's Recourse.EP105
structural enhancementrobowareAdjustments to increase a bot's robustness.EP311
stunnerweaponryA beam weapon that creates a plasma channel to the target through which it transmits an electric current.EP339
S-Type A siliceous (stony) asteroid.SW132
submarinerobowareForm of bot/synth propulsion for use underwater.EP310
subdermal implantbiowarePurely cosmetic implants to create bumps, ridges, etc.EP310
Suharto, JinhaopersonOverseer of Qing Long station.SW136
Summit, ThelocationA beehive habitat on a C-Type Arjuna asteroid.SW134
sundivermorphA synthmorph intended for solar research and rescue.SW164
SunriseexolocationA tidally-locked terrestrial exoplanet accessible via the Vulcanoid Gate, with many Gates.GC129
Sun Yee OnpoliticalThe Triad chiefly in charge of black-market nanofabrication.EP84
superthermitegearA potent explosive used in demolition charges.EP330
survival beltgearA widely-used collection of tools essential to gatecrashers.GC159
suryamorphAn extreme morph adapted to independent life in the Sun's corona.SW164
swarmanoidmorphA synthetic morph composed of aswarm of tiny insect-sized robots.EP144
swarm compositionrobowareA robotic design where a unit is composed of many independently-moving subunits.EP311
swim bladderbiowareA bioware orgen of gas-filled sacks for bouyancy control.GC152
switchwinganimalA native animal from Synergy.GC172
sybilpoliticalA shadowy mercurial sub-group that has shown foreknowledge of disasters.EP81
sylphmorphA transhuman biomorph with exotic good looks. Tailor-made media icons, elite socialites, XP stars, models, and narcissists.EP140
SynergistpoliticalA resident of Synergy, or emmigrant thereof.GC131
SynergyexolocationA habitat in Mishipizheu system. A group mind developed here as a survival necessity.GC131
Synergy RocanimalA large flying creature from Synergy.GC133
srocanimalSynergy RocGC133
synthmorphA specific type of synthmorph designed to look humanoid. Synths are standard androids or gynoids. They are usually noticeably not human, but they are a step up from a case.EP143
synthetic maskrobowareExternal bot/synth skin designed to look and behave realistically.EP311
synthmorphmorphA synthetic morph. A robotic shell possessed by a transhuman ego.EP143
tacnetgearTACtical NETwork. A linked network giving cross-analysis and display of data from members of a team.EP321
taggantnanobotA nanobot intended to implant in or on a physical intruder and broadcast their later location.EP329
Takahashi, KatrinapersonA union boss working with IWA.SW104
TanakaexolocationA terrestrial exomoon accessible via the Pandora Gate.GC133
Tanaka, MarielpersonFirst gatecrasher to die on the exoplanet later given her name.SW133
Tangles, ThelocationNottingham, Bankside, and Franconia districts in Progress, Mars orbit.SW126
tasp A form of psychosurgery in which deep brain stimulation is applied to the mind's pleasure centers.EP232
techno-creationistpoliticalA follower of a post-Fall religion which believes the Fall was a sign from God.EP82
teleoperate Remote control, used for bots. Light-speed lag of course is a factor, limiting range.EP196
telescoping limbsrobowareRobotic limbs that can extend or be retracted.EP311
temperature tolerancebiowareA physical augmentation to increase tolerance to heat and cold.EP305,SW166
TerraGenesiscorpA hypercorp specializing in terraforming, ecosystem management, and environmental data. Administers the Vulcanoid Gate.EP74,GC56
TethyslocationSaturnine moon, home of Gowwinhead habitat.EP105
TetsuocorpA robotics corporation in Noctis, Mars.SW116
TharsislocationA huge plateau on Mars.SW101
Tharsis LeaguepoliticalA Martian political bloc promoting Mars nationalism.EP76,SW103
Tharsis Terraforming OfficepoliticalA trade consortium on Mars.SW104
TTOpoliticalTharsis Terraforming OfficeSW104
thermal dampinggearArmor intended to reduce heat signature.EP313
thermobaricweaponryA form of grenade or seeker that disperses a cloud of explosive before igniting.EP341
Theophilus craterlocationLunar crater, home of Nectar.EP92
ThoroughgoodlocationA hybrid beehive and cluster habitat on Saturn's moon Dione, home of the Long Array.EP103
ThoughtlocationA torus habitat orbiting Venus, home of cutting edge AI research.SW38
Thousand HeavensentertainmentA Buddhist-flavored MARG.SW154
thruster packgearA backpack for zero-g maneuvering.EP345
thrust vectorrobowareA form of bot/synth propulsion using fans and wings.EP310
thumperrobotA mobile robot used in geological analysis.GC163
tin canhabitatA primitive habitat consisting of small, cramped, cheap, modular boxes, typically used in early space colonization.EP282
TirionexolocationA terrestrial exomoon accessible via the Pandora Gate, home of SIBA.GC135
TITANAIA human-created, recursively-improving, military seed AI that underwent a hard-takeoff singularity and prompted the Fall. Original military designation was TITAN: Total Information Tactical Awareness Network. Also, Saturn's moon Titan.EP34
Titan Autonomous UniversitylocationA major university in Aarhus on Titan.EP106
TAUlocationTitan Autonomous UniversityEP106
Titan (moon)locationA major moon of Saturn, home to sixty million.EP106
TITAN Quarantine ZonelocationA large quarantined area on Mars. AKA: The Zone.SW127
TQZlocationTITAN Quarantine ZoneSW127
TitanialocationUranus' sparsely-populated moon.EP108
TitanianpoliticalSomeone from Titan, a moon of Saturn.EP106
Titanian CommonwealthpoliticalA political bloc centered on Titan.EP79
TitolocationA half-abandoned neighborhood of Noctis City, Mars, owned by TTO.SW117
Toadstool, TheexolocationA strange massive artifact on Droplet.GC91
Tolstoj Mining ConcerncorpA mining company on Mercury.SW19
torchweaponryA modern handheld rifle flamethrower spray weapon.EP341
torushabitatA donut-shaped habitat, spun for gravity.EP282
Torvik, DejapersonA Martian smuggler who says she met the Yazindis.SW129
toxin filtersbiowareBioware intended to eliminate poisons and toxins from a biomorph.EP305
trackedrobowareA form of bot/synth propulsionEP310
trackingprogramA form of software meant to track people by their online presence.EP321
Tracker DyechemicalA colorless liquid dye except at selected wavelengths.EP323
traction padsgearGloves, shoes, and kneepads to give adhesion to walls and surfaces.EP317
transgenic Combining genetic traits from multiple species.EP27
transhuman An extensively modified human.EP18
transportergearAn exoskeleton framework with limited flight capabilities.EP344
TransixlocationA COMEX waystation at the Mars-Sun L4.SW136
TraumwerkencorpA media company headquartered Nytrondheim, Mars.SW115
t-ray Terahertz radiation.SW306
t-ray emittercyberwareA cyberware enhancement allowing vision through soft materials.SW306
TriadpoliticalOne of a set of widespread criminal organization based in Qing Long (Martian Trojans).EP84
TriggerpathogenA designer virus that induces a lethal allergic reaction.EP324
TritonlocationNeptune's major moon.EP109
TrojanlocationAn asteroid or moon that shares the same orbit as a larger planet or moon, but is 60 degrees behind in the orbit at the L5 Lagrange point. The term Trojans can refer to the asteroids orbiting both Jupiter's L4 and L5 points.EP27
TsukomolocationA torus in Lunar orbit, headquarters of Go-nin Group.SW90
Tufte SquarelocationAn open-air market in Qianjiao, Mars.SW118
Twelve CommonslocationA set of minor habitats on Saturnine moonlets Epimethus and Janus.EP103
TwitchtoxinA nonlethal toxin that induces muscular tremors and spasm.EP324
Tyska LacuslocationA major lake on Titan near Nyhavn.EP107
Ukko JylinälocationA habitat in the Sun's corona in which live salamanders. A safe harbor for suryas. 300-3000 residents.SW16,EP88
ultimatepoliticalA member of a socio-political movement seeking ultimate human perfection, thought to be elitist and perhaps immoral.EP82
University of New ShanghaicorpA major Martian university, with research facilities on Aten.SW112
uplift To genetically transform an animal species to sapience.EP27
UranuslocationMajor Solar planet.EP107
utilitoolgearA nanobot-generator that can trandform into a variety of hand tools.EP326
vacsuitgearA suit providing basic life support. Various forms are available.EP333
vacuum sealingbiowareBioware (in combination with bio-armor) that increase tolerance to vacuum conditions.EP305
vacworker A space laborer.EP27
Valles CenterlocationThe corporate and legal center of New Shanghai, Mars.SW114
Valles MarinerislocationA massive Martian canyonland. Center of Martian terraforming efforts.SW112
Valles-New ShanghailocationSW112
Valles-New Shanghai People's MilitiapoliticalThe Police force for Valles-New Shanghai. AKA: "PMs".SW116
VNSPMpoliticalValles-New Shanghai People's MilitiaSW116
Valles SkyportlocationThe principle skyport for New Shanghai and the Valles domes.SW115
ValhallalocationA region on Jupiter's moon Callisto.EP100
vapor A failed mind emulation or cirppled fork or infomorph. (From "vaporware".)EP27
Varma, KakipersonWater Committee head for TTO.SW104
vehicle AIAIA weak AI capable of operating a vehicle.EP321
VenuslocationMajor Sol planet.SW24
Venus suitgearA suit allowing survival on Venus' surface.SW168
Venusian glidermorphA biomorph intended for use in Venus' clouds.SW164
Venusian haulervehicleA transport vehicle used on Venus' surface.SW171
Venusian Transformation PartypoliticalA political bloc urging Venusian alliance with the outer systems.
VTPpoliticalVenusian Transformation Party
vibrobladeweaponryA knife whose high-frequency vibrations can aid when sawing through something.EP334
Victoria TerminuslocationThe maglev station in Elysium, Mars.SW121
videntertainmentA passive multisensory entertainment with 3D and potentially full-sensory immersion and content preferences.EP52
vidgameentertainmentAn immersive entertainment in which the ego becomes the protagonist.EP52
Viking Historical ParklocationA tourist attraction highlighting old probe landing sites on Mars.SW123
viewersgearA form of enhanced binoculars and long-distance microphone.EP326
ViriditaslocationA nano-ecologist base orbiting Mars.SW127
virtual private network A segmented network that operates within the mesh usually encrypted for privacy and security.EP241
VPN virtual private networkEP241
virtual reality An artifically-constructed hyper-real reality layered over one's senses.EP240
VR virtual realityEP240
VohaulexolocationA Venus-like exoplanet currently used as a Pathfinder garbage dump.GC136
VolkograadlocationA beehive habitat on Saturn's moon Atlas, controlled by Volkov.EP103
VolkovpoliticalA Slavic energy cartel controlling Volkograad.EP103
Vonarburg-ShadysidelocationA region of Jupiter's L4 Greeks.EP102
Vo NguyenlocationAn O'Neill cylinder in geosynchronous orbit around Earth. Reclaimers headquarters.SW73,EP91
vortex ring gunweaponryAn exotic weapon intended to produce pushback and knockdown.EP342
Vox, RandallpersonThe Planetary Consortium's senor representative in Earth orbit.SW67
vulcanoidlocationOne of a handful of stable asteroids inside Mercury's orbit.SW17
Vulcanoid GatelocationThe Pandora gate on Caldwell in the vulcanoids, controlled by TerraGenesis.GC56
Vyasa Workers CooperativecorpA mining company on Mercury.SW19
walkerrobowareA form of bot/synth propulsion using legs.EP310
War of WizardsentertainmentA popular fantasy MARG.SW154
wasp knifeweaponryA knife that doubles as an injector (air, chemicals, nanobots, etc.)EP334
WatertownlocationThe financial and media district of Noctis City, Mars.SW117
Wauxhall InstitutecorpA science firm in Phobos involved in the Lost project.SW127
weapon mountrobowareInternal or external weapon mount on a bot or synth.EP311
Weiming ProspectlocationA high-end neighborhood in New Shanghai, Mars.SW113
whale To organize a mining expedition from the Trojans to a passing comet or asteroid.EP100
wheeledrobowareA form of bot/synth propulsion using smart wheels.EP310
whiplashanimalAn alien carnivorous plant creature.GC173
whiplash (morph)morphA bioengineered planimal pod biomorph based on Sunrise stock.GC151
white noise generatorgearA random noise generator intended to frustrate remote listeners.EP317
White Zone, ThelocationThe most dangerous part of Mars' TQZ.SW128
windharp An Iktomi musical construct on Sunrise.SW130
wingedrobowareA form of small bot/synth propulsion using four wings.SW310
wingsbiowareA physical augmentation allowing flight in appropriate environments.SW166
wireless energy transmittergearAn accessory to a power source that allows recharging within 20m.GC155
Wizard AlleylocationA red-light district in Qianjiao, Mars.SW118
wormhole The space-folding phenomenon invoked by the Pandora Gates.GC16
WormwoodexolocationA alien beehive habitat orbiting an exoplanet.GC138
worker podmorphA pod often used in menial labor jobs where interaction with humans is necessary.EP142
wrist-mounted toolsnanowareA wristband that can construct and extrude a variety of small tools and sensors.EP309
Wushuang CorporationcorpA distribution company for Sun Yee On's legal goods.EP84
WyrmwoodentertainmentA gritty high-fantasy MARG.SW154
XanadulocationA region on Titan, known for rolling ice hills.EP107
X-caster Someone who transmits or sells XP recordings of their experiences.EP27
X ClubpoliticalA Martian society dedicated to encouraging innovation.SW149
Xei, IsaiahpersonCurrent director of MDOT.SW104
xenoarcheology Study of the remains of alien civilizations and artifacts.GC50
xenodeistpoliticalA follower of a post-Fall religion that views the Factors and Iktomi as emissaries from God.EP82
Xenology InstituteexolocationThe anarchist's institute on Echo V, focused on extra-solar life and ruins.GC93
xenomorph An alien life form.EP27
xerentertainmentSomeone addicted to or obsessed with XP. Sometimes used to refer to people making XP as well.EP27
XilocationA river on Mars in the Valles region.SW113
XiphoslocationA Hamilton cylinder orbiting Uranus in its rings. An Ultimate stronghold.EP108
x-ray emittergearAn x-ray source intended for use with extended sensing.EP317
X-risk Existential Risk. Something that threatens the very existence of transhumanity.EP27
Xu FumorphA synthmorph optimized for exoplanet exploration.GC152
Yamafuku, KassipersonLeader of the powerful Yamafuki Clan.SW149
Yard, ThelocationCommon name for Korolev Shipyards.SW88
Yards, ThelocationWorker neighborhoods in Progress, Mars orbit: Al-Rashid, Friday Park, and Bailey.SW127
YazindipoliticalA member of an Authentic clade in the TQZ.SW129
Zamyatin, AynpersonMagnate, advocate of exoplanet settlement.SW149
zap roundweaponryA type of projectile that carries a strong electric charge.EP338
Zbrny LimitedcorpA secretive hypercorp that is the center of many conspiracy theories and horror tales.EP74
zephyrrobotA medium-sized long-ranged recon flier.GC163
zeroslangA person without wireless mesh access. Common with some indentures.EP47
zero roundweaponryA form of smart ammo that can correct followup shots.EP338
Ze ServicescorpA defunct military contractor formerly in charge of Eros.SW133
ZhongguancunlocationA half-abandoned office region in Olympus.SW110
zombie crabanimalA native animal of Droplet.GC173

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