pic Small Jacketed-Photon Engine
Mini harnessed light drive engine suitable for sub-light inter-system travel.
Component Type ListTechnological
General GroupEngines
Can Be Placed On Vehicle TypesFighter
Tonnage Used2
Supplies Used2
Lvl Techs StatsAbilities
Jacketed-Photon EnginesFightersMinOrgRadABC
11 1 50020141480
23 1 55025151590
35 1 600301616100
Ability A
Small Jacketed-Photon Engines generate A* movement points. [Movement Standard] (Space Object)
Ability B
Small Jacketed-Photon Engines generate B* ground movement points. [Ground Movement Standard] (Space Object)
Ability C
Small Jacketed-Photon Engines store C* units of supply. [Supply Storage] (Space Object)

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